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Miniature LED display modules from Jenoptik: efficient and power-saving for optical devices

The miniature LED display modules from Jenoptik offer very high contrast, even in difficult lighting conditions. Thanks to their low power consumption, they are ideal for display information in battery-powered, mobile optical devices.

Miniature LED display modules from Jenoptik: efficient and power-saving for optical devices
The miniature LED displays are based on our 2nd-generation red LED display chips. Like our LED point sources, they are characterized by their high efficiency. The variation of the operating current from the nanoampere to the milliampere range results in a dynamic intensity encompassing around four decades.

Miniature displays – reflection into optical paths

Miniature displays can be reflected into binoculars or medical devices, thus allowing the display information and object to be visible at the same time. The displays are highly efficient and their brightness can be adapted to both dark and extremely bright environments. This means that the display remains clearly legible even in poor lighting conditions. This is particularly advantageous, for example, in the case of distance and speed measurement, where the low energy consumption ensures long battery life.


  • Efficient: high luminosity, low power consumption for long battery life
  • Variable: dynamic intensity across around four decades
  • Legibility: high contrast, clearly legible even in difficult lighting conditions 
  • Versatile: suitable for a wide range of industries and sectors
  • Customer-specific: adaptable to your individual requirements

Fields of Application

  • Medical technology: for reflecting information in oculars during minimally invasive procedures or endoscopic examinations
  • Traffic safety: for distance and speed measurement
  • Metrology: for displaying information in optical measuring instruments like range finders
  • Life science: for display information in sports goggles and head-up displays

Articles (only in German)

Thema: Die Renaissance der LED-Anzeigenchips

Veröffentlichung in Fachzeitschrift: Photonik, Ausgabe 5/2011


Chips and light emitting diodes

Standard chips and LEDs

Standard chips and LEDs from 360 nm up to 1750 nm

  • With low variation of optical and electrical parameters
  • 100 % chip testing and logging of data as peak wavelength, intensity, output power, forward voltage at different currents
  • Sorting in accordance with special wavelength or output power requirements
  • Various housings (3 mm, 5 mm, SMDs, TO-packages, COB) to meetcustomer’s needs perfectly
Custom designed chips

Custom designed chips

  • For high power applications with chip size 1 mm x 1 mm or larger
  • With special layouts for optical requirements
  • COB systems with integrated lenses
  • Measurement and sorting in accordance with customer‘s needs
  • Special features like wavelengths and rise and fall time
Monolithic display chips for cameras,microscopes and range finders

Monolithic display chips for cameras,microscopes and range finders

  • Segmented LED-chips for letters and numbers
  • Symbols such as dots, rings, lines, arrows, crosses
  • Technology: red illumination at 650 nm from GaAsP / GaAs
  • Minimum character size of 20 μm
  • Chip on board solutions
Point source LED chips

Point source LED chips

  • With well defined diameter (Ø 8, 25, 50 and 150 μm)
  • For precise imaging of radiation area
  • No edge radiation, no disturbance, wire bond is outside of emitting point
  • Used in miniature light barriers with ball lens mounted on emitting area
  • Available wavelength in visible (650 nm) and infrared range (850 nm)

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