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Energy Systems and Drive Technologies for a Reliable Power Supply

Our power supply systems mean, you no longer have to rely on power networks. Power your vehicles and machines efficiently with electric energy.

Power supply systems

Jenoptik plans, develops and manufactures energy systems for a wide range of fields and requirements. We are an expert in the latest technologies and create the applications of the future— from individual components right through to complete systems. As a system supplier, we always provide you with the product that precisely matches your specifications.

Our reliable diesel-electric generating sets allow you to power the on-board systems and traction motors in your vehicles, meaning you no longer have to rely on external energy sources or the infrastructure.

Jenoptik alternators ensure that railway and commercial vehicles are supplied with power. They have a high power density and are extremely efficient, while requiring little maintenance, which minimizes maintenance costs.

Converters and rotatingconverters convert power into frequencies and voltages suitable for your machines and consumers. Our experts take into account all relevant input variables as well as environmental influences, and thanks to our extensive technical expertise, we can even develop the perfect solution for challenging applications.

Jenoptik electric motors are used to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy— in the exact form you require. This is also an area in which you can benefit from our expert knowledge and years of experience. It goes without saying that all of our motors are highly efficient, compact, and offer low running costs.

In the rail technology sector, in addition to power supply systems, we also offer a tilting system for trains. The tilting system allows trains to follow curves in the track at higher speeds, ensuring faster and more comfortable rail travel. The stabilization system is highly efficient and uses little energy.

Our experienced customer support ensures reliability and a long lifetime of you machines and systems, individually taking care of integrated logistics support and spare part management.

Contact our experts to find out which system is best suited to your needs.


  • Solution-oriented: you get the best energy system for your needs — all from one source
  • Economical: each individual component of the system works efficiently
  • Durable: reliable technology reduces running costs and requires only minimal preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Powerful: highly efficient in the smallest of spaces

Fields of Application

  • Railway technology: power supply systems for on-board systems and traction motors
  • Transport industry: electrification and power-grid independent electrical power supply of commercial vehicles (“Off-Highway”)

Find a solution that matches the requirements for your application:

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Efficient Electrical Power Supply for Railway and Commercial Vehicles from units through to essential components in power trains

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