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On-Board System Alternator from Jenoptik: Energy-Efficient Power Supply in Rail Traffic and for Commercial Vehicles

The reliable and robust on-board system alternators from Jenoptik are used to supply power for various vehicles in the civilian sector. We offer the widest range of designs that precisely match your application.

The on-board system alternator from Jenoptik ensures on-board power supply to railway vehicles and commercial vehicles. Reliable and powerful, it can supply power for a number of applications, such as lighting, air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, refrigerators or electric motors.

The separately excited or permanent magnet excited synchronous alternators are designed for an output power of up to 2000 kW. Their robust and low-maintenance design makes them resistant to environmental influences in the installation compartment. They are particularly compact, and extremely efficient in converting energy. As a result, you can operate the on-board power alternator extremely efficiently, while saving space reducing unnecessary weight.

Depending on how you use your on-board system alternator, Jenoptik will precisely tailor the electric and mechanical parameters to meet your requirements. The item is supplied in either a single or double bearing design, as a separately excited alternator with slip rings, in a brushless design, or even as a permanently excited alternator. The alternator is optionally cooled with air, water-glycol or oil. We also precisely adjust the output power and voltage, frequency, and packaging to meet your specific requirements. This ensures you remain flexible, and can integrate the on-board system alternators easily into your existing systems.


  • Flexible: easily integrate the on-board system alternator into existing systems
  • Customized: the alternator is developed according to customers' specifications
  • Obsolescence management: spare parts available for a period of over 30 years
  • Energy-efficient: save fuel thanks to the high level of efficiency
  • Reliable: low maintenance, high availability

Fields of Application

  • Railway technology, transport industry, commercial vehicle manufacturers: power supply on board of railway vehicles and other commercial vehicles

Example: On-board system alternator for dieselelectric railway vehicles

On-board system alternator

Three-phase synchronous alternator in double-bearing-design and hydraulic drive for dieselelectric locomotives. 

  • Generator:
    50 kVA or 70 kVA, brushless, water-cooled,
    double-bearing design with hydraulic drive

Example: Energy supply system for diesel locomotives

Energy supply system

Generator-converter-unit for auxiliary power supply of diesel engine driven locomotives. 

  • On-board system alternator:
    50 kVA or 90 kVA, brushless, air-cooled,
    double-bearing design, with hydraulic drive, for speed-variable drive with a diesel engine

  • Static on-board system converter:
    90 kVA, 400 V, 50 Hz constant voltage

Example: Dual electric generator for railway vehicles

Dual electric generator

Combines a traction alternator with an auxiliary generator in one housing and single bearing design.  Dedicated for repowering dieselelectric locomotives. 

  • Traction generator:
    three-phase synchronous alternator,
    2,300 kW / 2,500 kVA,
    air-cooled (external cooling),  single bearing design

  • Auxiliary generator:
    three-phase synchronous alternator, 400 kW / 678 kVA,
    air-cooled (external cooling),  single bearing design

Example: Powerpack for railway vehicles

"Powerpack" generator set

Dieselelectric generator unit for roof or unterfloor mounting, dedicated as onboard and auxiliary power supply of electric locomotives. 

  • Generator:
    Jenoptik three-phase synchronous alternator, 350 kW,
    permanent magnet excited, water-cooled,
    dual bearing design, with downstream rectifier

  • Diesel engine:
    MAN, 1,800 rpm


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