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Rotary Converters to convert electrical energy precisely for your machines

You can rely on Jenoptik’s expertise and long-standing experience in converting electrical energy for machines and systems according to your specific needs.

Our converters supply your machines with the required electrical voltage and frequency. We have demonstrated our expertise in high-quality, reliable energy conversion in numerous projects. Our technical knowledge and years of experience enable us to develop the perfectly matching solution also for your specific application.

Jenoptik develops rotary converters or motor-generators that meet your specific requirements: They efficiently and reliably convert voltage and/or frequency from one source into the voltages and frequencies that your consumers need. We take into account all relevant electrical and mechanical input variables and environmental influences. Our converters are extremely stable and supply high-quality energy. At airports, for example, our converters convert a mains voltage of 50 Hertz into 400 Hertz for the on-board power supply of aircraft on the ground.

The Jenoptik rotating flywheel converter is a particular type of converter, being energy storage and converter at the same time. It forms a reliable power supply system that converts voltage and frequency into values suitable for your consumers. Since our converters are highly efficient, you save energy and costs in the long term. The flywheel technology also enables you to tap into your own energy storage system.


  • Efficient: Highly efficient conversion, resulting in energy and cost savings.
  • One-stop-shop: Complete, tailored systems from a single supplier.
  • Reliable: High availability and performance quality.
  • Customized: Systems or subsystems tailored to your needs.

Fields of Application

  • Aviation: Conversion of mains voltage at airports for airplanes on the ground
  • Mechanical engineering: Power supply for port facilities, floating docks or roller coasters
  • And many more

Example: Energy supply system for airports

Energy supply subsystem for Munich airport

Rotary converters and associated substations convert frequency and voltage from the 50 Hertz airport power grid into the frequency and voltage required for aircrafts.

  • Rotary converter:
    Synchronous-synchronous converter,
    315 kVA, 50 / 400 Hz, at 1,500 rpm

Example: Energy supply system for port facilities or floating docks

Energy supply system for port facilities and floating docks

Rotary converter and substation to supply electric energy to a floating dock of a German dockyard.

  • Rotary converter:
    3x 440 kVA, 440 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz, 600 rpm,
    brushless, air-cooled

Example: Energy supply system for rollercoasters

Energy supply system for rollercoasters

Flywheel converter and substation for electric energy supply of a rollercoaster.

  • Converter:
    Three-phase synchronous alternator, 
    1,500 kW, 690 VAC, 60 Hz

  • Motor:
    Three-phase asynchronous electric motor,
    with upstream converter included,
    160 kW, 440 V, 50 Hz

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