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Diesel-Electric Generator Sets Supplying Power to On-Board Systems and Traction Motors

With a diesel-electric generator set from Jenoptik, your rail or road vehicles no longer have to rely on external energy sources. We tailor each individual component to your specific needs.

Jenoptik Diesel-Electric Generator Sets Supplying Power to On-Board Systems and Traction Motors

Reliably and efficiently supply the on-board systems and traction motors in your vehicles with electric energy. Diesel-electric generator sets ("gensets") are used where there is no suitable electric infrastructure available, for example, when there is a lack of overhead lines, or in the event that the vehicle's main drive fails. The gensets are ideal both for continuous use during driving operations or as an auxiliary or emergency power unit in railway vehicles such as trains, commercial vehicles such as construction vehicles, dump trucks, or buses.

Our gensets deliver output power of 210 kW to 3000 kW. All components are adapted to customer-specific parameters. As such, we take into consideration how the genset is mechanically integrated into the platform, as well as factors such as which cooling system to use, and environmental requirements.  Our experienced experts tailor the genset perfectly to your requirements, while complying with the relevant standards, and optimizing energy efficiency. All of our diesel-electric generating sets are highly durable. We guarantee to supply spare parts even after 30 years of service.


  • Compatible with all brands: All standard Diesel engines produced by national and international engine manufacturers can be integrated.
  • Powerful: Output power from 210 kW to 3000 kW.
  • Highly skilled: Our experts manage and successfully carry out numerous international projects.
  • Space-saving: Compact design and high power density.
  • Flexible: Combine and harmonize individual components.

Fields of application

  • Railway technology: For example, 25kVA diesel-electric genset for auxiliary power supply and preheating the main diesel engine.
  • Transport industry / commercial vehicle manufacturers: For example, 120kVA diesel-electric genset to supply power to the traction drives of trolley buses.
  • Electric power supply for various kinds of vehicles: Designed as on-board system genset, auxiliary traction genset or traction genset.

Choose a generator set matching the requirements for your application:

Technical facts

Technical facts and options

  • Broad power output range: From 210 kW to 3000 kW.
  • Relevant standards: EN 60349, UIC 566, EN 45545, EN 15085, EN 61373, EN 12663, EN 50155.
  • Exhaust aftertreatment: Integrated in the system to comply with current emissions standards.
  • Emission standards: For example, Stage IIIb, Stage IV final, EURO 5, EURO 6.
  • Further standards available on request.

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