Local to You: Our Service for Maintaining and Repairing your Traffic Safety Systems

The Jenoptik field service staff can quickly and reliably take care of your vehicle detection and speed measuring equipment for traffic safety and traffic monitoring — and all of this can be done on site at your premises.

Rely on us to maintain and repair your traffic monitoring systems. We are here to help with locations throughout Germany. Our specially trained technicians work in your area which means that they can look after your vehicle detection and speed measuring equipment  and quickly resolve any problems you may have. We would be happy to organize appointments for all of your maintenance and repair needs, either on site, at your premises or at our factory.

Thanks to regular maintenance and repair work, our technicians can ensure optimum performance for your equipment, allowing your traffic safety and monitoring systems to always function effectively. We also offer customized maintenance and repair contracts that are tailored to meet your requirements.

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