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MULTANOVA 6F: For flexible use on highways, expressways and inner-city areas

The mobile MULTANOVA 6F digital radar speed enforcement camera system combines cutting-edge digital camera technology with proven, reliable radar technology — for precise measurements and high-quality photos, even in adverse weather conditions.

Mobile MULTANOVA 6F digital radar speed enforcement camera system

The radar speed measuring device from Jenoptik is perfectly suited to mobile speed measurement. It can be set up and mounted flexibly in different locations for on either side of the road.  It can be installed in the front or rear of  a police vehicle, integrated into the MultaGuard container, or setup for use as a tripod system.

The MULTANOVA 6F digital radar speed measurement device uses the high-resolution SmartCamera digital enforcement camera system to guarantee high-quality photos, even at poor lighting levels and in adverse weather conditions. The 6F’s parabolic radar antenna has a particularly narrow horizontal and vertical opening angle making it ideal for measuring speed on highways and expressways.  Photos and data are easily transferred to a PC by using a USB stick and processed using Jenoptik evaluation software. This saves time and money in violation case processing.


  • Maximum data security: The cryptographic technique protects privacy.
  • Flexible use: Use the radar speed measuring device in various locations as a mobile unit.
  • Immediately ready for measurement: Ready to use on-site in no time.
  • Photographic evidence: Capture two incidents per second with optimal driver and license plate recognition.
  • High-resolution: Captures high-quality photos in all weather conditions.

Field of Application

  • Traffic safety: Mobile traffic monitoring using emergency vehicle, tripod or the MultaGuard container.

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