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Join the Jenoptik Digital Innovation Days 2023

Gain insights into the growing business of photonics, which has become an integral part of many areas of our lives.

Tackle one of our digital business challenges with a fresh and curious mindset. Create your solution idea within this 3-day business hackathon with the support of various experienced business mentors.
  • Two selected challenges are provided as briefing to each team of 4-5 students. You do not need to apply as a team, be open to explore other disciplines and perspectives in our mixed setup.
  • Within the framework of DID23, you will be inspired by our product experts and knowledge bearers and supported in developing solutions that are as tangible as possible. A jury will select the winning team and award the prize.


In the new Jenoptik staff restaurant in Jena-Göschwitz


3 days, October 10-12, 2023

What is in for you as student participants?

  • Get to know one of Germany‘s most innovative technology companies.
  • Work closely on real-life challenges with experienced professionals from Jenoptik.
  • Join the panel discussion event with high-profile speakers.
  • Gain insights on the strategic perspective in a dinner with our board members.
  • Enjoy three days in creative & fun atmosphere and convince the jury in order to win the prize money.

Interested? Have a look at the challenges!

Challenge #1

Man working on laptop

Take our MVP IIoT platform to the next level

#Datadriven #machinelearning #ecommerce #internetofthings


Across the business units we offer a wide portfolio of high-quality photonic mechanical engineering solutions, such as laser machines. Our engineers and service teams help B2B customers to understand the complex photonic applications and help to design appropriate customized solutions.

For our customers we want to provide a cloud data platform for machine & process monitoring as well as service interactions. Currently the browser-based application is in Minimum Viable Product (MVP) status and shows data of one machine type only. It allows to identify optimizations in the production process and to quickly contact our service team. For this software solution we see the potential to become the Jenoptik IIoT platform, collecting and analyzing various types of data across the product portfolio.

Challenge & objective

Create the future framework to accelerate synergies in IIoT: there are various Jenoptik products that wait to be enabled for data collection and analysis, to improve production performance and ease machine handling. Deep-dive in the MVP architecture and machine data to design the platform evolution towards a Jenoptik-wide IIoT platform.

  • What kind of data insights can you derive from provided data?
  • What are the business potentials of such an overarching data platform?
  • Why would you recommend which approach for the platform evolution?
  • Which strategic steps do you recommend, to make use of company-wide synergies?

Challenge #2

Traffic in Sydney

Imagine the future business model for Smart Mobility Solutions

#autonomousdriving #businessmodel #futureofmobility


Jenoptik helps to increase traffic safety by reducing speeding & red-light violations and prevent crime by automatic number plate reading (ANPR) and vehicle classification. We offer not only individual products and services, but complete traffic solutions. Monitoring, sensing and documentation of vehicles and street scenes in real time with data collection & pre-processing in high data security & privacy environments is our expertise.

However, this business is confronted with new challenges. Data is an increasingly important aspect for municipalities and authorities to intelligently manage their cities and communities. This offers new business opportunities for Jenoptik.

Challenge & objective

Help us to define future business opportunities and technical designs. Therefore, you will receive a scenario, based on market trends and business requirements to orientate on. Think of an appropriate technical and business design approach that fits to existing and potential future products and services that might become relevant due to mobility trends.

  • What kind of opportunities should we focus on?
  • How can we integrate recurring revenue business models to leverage the product use (hardware and software) and specifically the data generated by our systems?
  • What exactly are the prerequisites for successfully fulfilling these goals? What could be obstacles?

You want to be part of this business hackathon? We look forward to meeting you!

  • Registration no longer possible, all places for the event have been allocated.

Any questions? Reach out to us!

Digital Transformation


Adrian König

Head of Jenoptik Digital Service Partner