Aviation Subsystems
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Aviation Subsystems

In the Defense & Civil Systems division we deal with highly complex systems and components to improve the safety and comfort of the airplanes made by our international customers.

Aviation Systems for the safety and comfort of aircrafts and helicopters

For more than 40 years we have provided aviation systems and components such as Heating Devices, Control Units, Transport Systems as well as Radomes for various Military and Civil aircraft.
Building on the experience of our staff, we evolved our products and aim to provide our customers with unique solutions for individual needs, meeting the demanding requirements of military and civil aviation.

Heating Devices
Air Heaters are placed in air ducts and outlets to heat cargo compartments and on the other hand to compensate local heat load variations in the aircraft cabin.
Teasermodul Control Units
Heating control units monitor and control heated components such as fittings, drainmast, floor panels, air heaters or door fittings.
Radomes are covering the extremely sensitive radar antennas of aircraft. Jenoptik develops and manufactures radomes Since the early 60s, always applying the latest manufacturing processes for glass-fibre reinforced plastics.