Customer Service
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Customer Service for Defense & Civil Systems

Our Customer Service offers an extensive service package including a comprehensive support for original ESW products and those of other manufacturers. Our challenge is providing comprehensive services for the whole lifecycle – even if the equipment has been in operation for thirty years or more.

Exclusive services for our Customers

Logistics support and customer service

Our Customer Service is ideally equipped to fulfill our customers‘ requirements at short notice, in both military and civil fields. To achieve this, we offer training programmes for operators and maintenance staff, comprehensive technical support, product document administration and comprehensive obsolescence management. In addition, there is a spare part service that is on call 24 hours a day for aircraft equipment needed anywhere in the world.

Worldwide repair and maintenance

Our Customer Service has its own state-of-the-art workshops for the repair of mechanical, electromechanical and electronic assemblies and equipment in our company headquarters in Wedel near Hamburg. Major overhauls, regular servicing, modifications and any necessary repair work are all carried out here. We are supported by our service stations that are located all over the world.

On-the-spot services

Our Customer Service has a highly qualified workforce at its disposal to support customers on the spot with the installation and operation of our products. Our services here include the commissioning of systems, instruction in their use and maintenance, detection of error sources and on-the-spot repair work. Of course, we also offer this range of services for products from other manufacturers.

General Service Contact

JENOPTIK Advanced Systems LLC
Phone: +1 561 881 7400 1230
Fax:     +1 561 881 1947

Aviation - US Contact through our Business Partner asscom

asscom aeronautic support services
c/o Erie Aviation, Inc.
1607 Asbury Road
Erie, PA 16505

Phone:        +1 8148388934
AOG Phone: +1 8148388934
Fax:            +1 8148333672

Worldwide contact for international customers.