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Defense & Civil Systems

Customized solutions for Defense & Civil Systems

The Jenoptik Defense & Civil Systems division provides a wide range of technical solutions and answers especially customized to your needs. This includes weapon stabilization for military vehicles, diesel electrical traction for trains, radomes for military jets as well as laser distance meters for the precise positioning of containers. These concepts and many more evolve from our expertise in electrical drive and control technology, composite manufacturing as well as laser sensors and infrared technology.

Our customers take advantage of the synergies that exist in our division as well as within the Jenoptik group. Therefore we can provide the right specialist for every problem and find interdisciplinary solutions quickly and unbureaucratically.

Our Mindset

The Defense & Civil Systems division is your partner for reliable and efficient solutions. These are always solutions with a high degree of safety, continuity as well as cost effectiveness - not only for the upcoming quarter but for the next decades. We know that only a consistently efficient answer to your needs will provide you, as a customer, with the best benefit.

NYXUS BIRD - Thermal imager for day & night target acquisition
The Jenoptik NYXUS BIRD is an advanced multifunction thermal monocular surveillance device that greatly enhances the warfighter’s effectiveness by providing advanced surveillance and targeting acquisition capabilities.
VarioCAM HD Infrared Camera Series
VarioCAM® HD Infrared Cameras are the worldwide first uncooled, handheld high definition thermal imager. Features include a 3.1 Megapixel infrared resolution in combination with a laser rangefinder.
Hybrid Power Supply
Jenoptik provides hybridized auxiliary power units that avoid idling engines and therefore improve diesel engine power exploitation, save fuel and turn down the APU operating costs.
Hybrid Technology
The power supply demands for military vehicles are increasing continuously. Our high-voltage on-board systems in the power range of 20 up to 500kW meet those demands. The systems comply to military standards and stand out due to their high power density and efficiency.
Spray-oil-cooled Generator
The brushless, spray-oil-cooled DC generator provides power supply in special vehicles. It is designed as a three-phase generator with built-in rectifiers. With regards to performance, operating conditions and mechanical resistance, it complies with the high standards for military vehicles.
Naval Technology
The Jenoptik naval servo drive systems are highly reliable, extremely efficient, very low weight, ruggedized and cover a wide range of speed and tourque requirements. The field of application includes all military ships - from mine sweepers to submarines.

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