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Industrial Metrology

About Jenoptik Industrial Metrology North America

Jenoptik Industrial Metrology North America is a leading manufacturer and system provider of industrial metrology products for high-precision, contact and non-contact production metrology. The range of products and services covers total solutions for a wide range of measurement tasks such as testing roughness, contour and form as well as determining dimensions – in-process, post-process or in the metrology room. The product program is rounded off by a comprehensive range of services involving advice, training and customer service, including long-term maintenance contracts.

Our customers primarily include leading automobile manufacturers and suppliers to the automotive industry worldwide. Represented in Asia (South Korea, China and India), North America (Detroit) and Europe (Germany, France, the Czech Republic and Switzerland), Hommel-Etamic’s industrial metrology business is positioned at the key centers of the global manufacturing industry.


High precision, non-contact metrology systems utilizing high pressure air for both static and dynamic measurements. Mainly used for dimensional and geometric measurements medical, automotive, aerospace and
other manufacturing sectors.
Form, contour, and in-process measurement systems offering the end user unparalleled control over part quality. These systems are capable of measuring an endless list of parts limited only by part mounting requirements
High precision, flexible, optical measurement systems for fast, precise, length measurements, geometric, form and positional tolerances, as well as optical surface inspection