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One Stop Microoptic Solutions

Jenoptik Microoptics is uniquely positioned to deliver integrated solutions for the design, assembly, and testing needs of bulk-optics, microoptics, and mechanical packaging.

With assembly processes carried out in a class 1000 clean room, our services are delivered as an integrated one-stop-shop process, allowing customers to stay focused on their core competencies and business objectives.

Design and Development

Jenoptik microoptic design and assembly services include:

  • Design, analysis, and optimization of microoptics, opto-mechanical, and MEMS assemblies
  • Precision optical assembly and alignment of microoptical and opto-mechanical systems
  • Optical design incorporating diffractive and traditional optics assembled into an end solution
  • Our design expertise includes projects such as:
  • Photo mask layout
  • Geometrical optics design and analysis
  • Grating analysis for diffraction efficiency calculations
  • Scalar wave analysis for physical optics modeling and beam propagation
  • Finite element modeling and analysis
  • MEMS design and analysis

Unique Manufacturing Capabilities

Gray Scale Technology

In order to achieve the best optical performance available, Gray scale technology allows for the creation of a wide variety of shapes. Traditional binary optics rely on a "stairstep" shaped approximation of the ideal surface shape. Gray scale, however, can actually create that ideal shape. Curves, ramps, torroids, or any other shape is possible. Depending on the design, Jenoptik Microoptics can create feature sizes as small as 3 µm in gray scale and about 0.5 µm in binary products.



The wide range of micro and nano optical applications requires optical elements with typical structure sizes beginning at several nanometers and ending in the range of millimeters. In the case of diffractive optics, it is known from the grating equation that the feature size is proportional to Lambda/NA, which implies for applications in the UV-wavelength range to typical structure lateral dimensions in a range between 1 µm down to 100 nm and below. The fabrication of products with minimum features sizes down to the sub-micron range requires high-resolution lithography techniques. Jenoptik Microoptics Nano Lithography is a maskless process in which we are able to pattern features with critical dimensions down to 100 nm (+/- 20 nm). Positional accuracy is +/- 40 nm. This is provided on substrates up to 7" x 7" square in fused silica, quartz glass and optical glasses. These substrates can be etched with aspect ratios as high as 1:15. Products include diffractive lenses, fine-pitched gratings, polarizing optics, as well as multi-function optics.


Full Spectral Range Capabilities

The flexibility of our technologies processes make it possible for Jenoptik Microoptics to manufacture unique microoptics in a variety of materials. We can provide our customers with the right solution to match the high accuracy requirements of the UV region and the new developments of the IR region.

Jenoptik Microoptics also has the capability to make high-performance gray scale injection molds for plastic microoptics.


NIR Region, Telecom & Biomedical Applications

The near infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, covering a range of wavelength from 700 nanometers to 3 microns, lies just beyond the sensitivity of the eye. Applications like fiber optics in telecommunication use wavelengths in this region to achieve both high transmission and a relative low dispersion making it possible to communicate over longer distances. This region is becoming important for some surgical procedures and material processing in the biomedical and industrial markets.

Mid and Long Wave Region, Defense & Security

The mid and long wave infrared regions, covering a range of wavelengths from 3 to 14 microns, have become very important for military applications. At this region it is possible to obtain sharp images on both close and distant objects used for military surveillance and sighting. Thermal imaging capabilities are also being used for medical diagnosis and industrial monitoring.

Examples of typical Jenoptik projects for integrated opto-mechanical design, assembly and testing services for small form factor, high performance, cost effective optical solutions include:

  • Microlenses to optical fiber arrays
  • Microlenses to focal plane arrays
  • Microlenses to pinhole arrays
  • Polarizers to focal plane arrays
  • Bulk & micro lenses into housings
  • Fiber arrays assemblies aligned to a telescope
  • Beam steering assembly using microlenses
  • Near-IR spectrometer
  • Lasers diodes (VCSELS) to Microlenses
  • Wafer- level assemblies
  • Die label assemblies (active and passive alignment)
  • Read optical head for DVDs and CDs
  • Laser diode corrector assembly
  • MEMS comb-drive actuator
  • MEMS electrostatic piston actuator
  • MEMS two-axis tilt mirrors for optical switching
  • Rotational optical alignment for punching plastic replications
  • Different types of Packaging (including die and wire bonding)