Military Equipment
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Military Equipment

In order to successfully carry out peacekeeping and anti-terror missions, the use of proven, reliable and state of the art equipment is mandatory. Jenoptik Defence is providing first choice and mature military equipment supporting your mission needs.

Jenoptik Defence & Civil Systems has long-time experience in the military technology business and is specialized in individual, customer-tailored solutions, which are adapted to the particular application. Our products have proven their value in various applications all over the world for air defence systems Patriot, Cobra, Skyshield, for airborne platforms AH64 Apache, NH90, Eurofighter, KZO , for land vehicles like Leopard 2, EFV, and Piranha, for sub marines like U 214 as well as for other military platforms.

Jenoptik has developed an international position as a key supplier for high-performance system solutions in the area of electrical power supplies, electro mechanical drive and actuation systems and electro optics, whereby all deliveries, services and support activities are fully compliant to the current applicable military standards.

Hybrid Power Supply
Jenoptik provides hybridized auxiliary power units that avoid idling engines and therefore improve diesel engine power exploitation, save fuel and turn down the APU operating costs.
Auxiliary Power Unit
Jenoptik's Auxiliary Power Units apply future technology for a compact and light-weight design with lowest possible space requirements. Main characteristics are: high power density, low specific fuel consumption, high reliability and durability.
Hybrid Technology
The power supply demands for military vehicles are increasing continuously. Our high-voltage on-board systems in the power range of 20 up to 500kW meet those demands. The systems comply to military standards and stand out due to their high power density and efficiency.
Gun Turret Systems
Jenoptik's electrical stabilization systems of the GTdrive® product family align and stabilize turrets and weapons of armored vehicles. The GTdrive features a short response time and in association with the vehicle system a high first-round-hit probability while standing still as well as during high speed.
Spray-oil-cooled Generator
The brushless, spray-oil-cooled DC generator provides power supply in special vehicles. It is designed as a three-phase generator with built-in rectifiers. With regards to performance, operating conditions and mechanical resistance, it complies with the high standards for military vehicles.
Military Sensors
Jenoptik military laser rangefinder and thermal imagers for observation, reconnaissance, target ranging and target acquisition offer high performance and functionality at minimum weight and compact design.