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Precision Optics

Design & Development

Optical Systems, Custom Designs, Precision Manufacturing

JENOPTIK Optical Systems, Inc. specializes in development of tested precision optical systems on aggressive customer schedules. Jenoptik designers and engineers work closely with the customer in balancing trade-offs between manufacturability, cost and performance during material selection and tolerancing phases of the design. Meaningful acceptance test design is another critical phase.

Our design process takes a product from idea, to drawings, through prototyping and ultimately production while insuring our customers the agreed control over the manufacturing processes, component suppliers and delivered hardware.

Jenoptik's designs have been used in:

  • Life science fluorescence imaging equipment
  • semiconductor manufacturing metrology
  • cinematography cameras
  • video cameras
  • 35 mm and digital format cameras
  • dome theaters
  • amusement park theaters
  • museum projection systems
  • commercial spectrometers
  • laser scanning instruments
  • defense optical systems for sighting and ranging

Optical Design

Custom solutions start with an optical design that will yield the specified performance in the prototype build and with high confidence yield with each build in production volumes. Designs must consider the costs of the required tolerances, the manufacturing technologies available for production and availability of components meeting requirements in the extended supply chain.

For demanding systems, designs can be analyzed in both Zemax and CodeV to maximize confidence in the design developed. For microoptic applications, LightTrans VirtualLab™ is the design and analysis tool.

Strategies for manufacturing to tight performance requirements may include re-optimizing the optical model with as-built component data, as measured index data for the glass melt or even preliminary assembly metrology. Some assemblies require in-situ adjustment of optical compensators during interferometric or MTF testing to meet required performance.

In higher volume applications, these sophisticated approaches can deliver high performance in a customs system at cost similar to high volume precision COTS assemblies.

Mechanical Design

The mechanical design phase incorporates the requirements for end use functionality along with manufacturing requirements such as assembly fixturing and metrology features.

Designs include accommodation for electronics including stepper motors for focus, magnification and aperture control. JENOPTIK Optical Systems designs in Solidworks, Solid Edge, ProE and Autocad. Finite Element Analysis is performed using Solidworks Simulation.

Environmental Qualification and Safety Certification

Frequently, our designs are for flight or other demanding environmental environments. Thermal modeling of the optical performance in the design code and full mechanical analysis through FEA is frequently required. Thermal, shock and humidity testing of prototypes is also frequently included as part of the qualification process. Certifications including CE and UL can be incorporated in the development process.

Manufacturing and Product Testing

In house capabilities for optical components allow us to deliver precision aspheres in a production environment and to quickly manufacture a variety of specialized precision optics. Manufacturing partners help us meet peak demand for components required for systems. In house machine shop capabilities help meet development schedules and supplement capabilities of our mechanical manufacturing partners.

Verification of system performance is accomplished through a variety of tests. Optical testing is a core competency of Jenoptik and may include interferometric, MTF or image based testing.