Railroad propulsion
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Railroad propulsion and electrical power

Growing mega cities in developing countries require an increased mobility. Due to a lack of electrification in these countries, their railway market needs to rely on diesel electric locomotives.

As a part of the Jenoptik division Defense & Civil Systems, Lechmotoren GmbH has tremendous experience in developing and manufacturing diesel electric gensets. Featuring a wide range of flexible products, the refurbishment of diesel electric locomotives is one of the key competencies. A life-time extension and increased efficiency of the locomotive are the results and benefits we offer our customers.

Customer Tailored Solutions

To match perfectly with your specific space requirements, customized alternators and gensets are available separately –conveniently integrating your preferred engine supplier and various kinds of traction and auxiliary alternators into the system your customers desire.

Traction Alternator Traction Generator Set Auxiliary Alternator Auxiliary Generator Set Traction and Auxiliary Generator Set