Reconnaissance and Target Acquisition
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EO Sensors for Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Target Accquisition

Surveillance Devices for Day and Night Target Acquisition

The Jenoptik's NYXUS BIRD & Rangechecker are advanced multifunctional monoculars that greatly enhance the warfighter’s effectiveness by providing advanced observation and targeting capabilities. Countless features such as advanced target location, water resistance and light weight design make Jenoptik's monoculars the unsurpassed choice in adverse environments.

NYXUS BIRD - Surveillance Device With True Night Vision Capability

Using a high-resolution thermal camera, the NYXUS BIRD provides true night vision capability even in complete darkness. Unlike conventional I² image intensifier tubes that rely on some level of passive or active illumination, thermal imaging focal plane arrays (FPA) do not require any light at all. With the ability to image an object's heat signature a thermal monocular's performance will not be affected by the level of available light and will function in total darkness. Whatever the circumstances are, a thermal monocular surveillance device will provide complete situational awareness even on an overcast night or deep inside a cave or tunnel.

NYXUS BIRD - State of The Art Uncooled Thermal Monocular

NYXUS BIRD - State of The Art Uncooled Thermal Monocular

The Jenoptik NYXUS BIRD is an advanced multifunction thermal monocular surveillance device that greatly enhances the warfighter’s effectiveness by providing advanced surveillance and targeting acquisition capabilities. Suitable for both day and night missions it combines a powerful thermal imager with a 7x direct-view channel, laser rangefinder, digital magnetic compass and GPS.

Advanced Target Acquisition Capabilities

Appreciating the importance of the Fire for Effect doctrine, the NYXUS BIRD has been designed to provide accurate target acquisition data. The integrated eye-safe laser rangefinder precisely determines distances up to 5,000m. Furthermore, the built-in digital and magnetic compass provides the angular measurements required to automatically calculate the exact target position relative to the observer. In concert with the embedded GPS receiver, the distance measurement and angular data can provide precise grid coordinates resulting in an improved first-round first-hit probability and a reduction of collateral damage.

Improved Security through Minimal Visual and Acoustic Signature

The integrated laser rangefinder operates at a wavelength of 1,550nm rendering the laser beam invisible to enemy combatants using I² image intensifiers. The NYXUS BIRD thermal monocular uses an uncooled thermal imager thus eliminating the need for a noisy Stirling microcooler that can give away the operators position.

Defeating Hidden Threats

The high resolution thermal imager helps defeat hidden battlefield threats such as buried Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and camouflaged enemy combatants.

Lightweight Surveillance Device in Rugged Design

With its small form factor and weighing less than 450g (1lbs) the NYXUS RANGECHECKER can easily be carried in ACU/MCCUU cargo pockets. The laser rangefinder is water resistant and MIL-STD-810F qualified ensuring reliable operation even in adverse conditions.

NYXUS RANGECHECKER - Handheld Laser Rangefinder

NYXUS RANGECHECKER - Handheld Laser Rangefinder

The NYXUS Rangechecker is a compact and rugged handheld laser rangefinder capable of quickly and precisely determining target distances making it ideally suited for anyone requiring accurate range information.

Built with Shooters in Mind

The crystal clear 7x optic provide a best-in-class view and when used in conjunction with a ballistic computer the NYXUS RANGECHECKER can help shooters calculate ballistic solutions. With an accuracy of ± 1m and an effective range of over 1km, the operator will be able to quickly determine distances within their effective weapon range.

Night Operation

To allow for night operations, the rangefinder can be mated with an I² image intensifier.

Safety Features

The integrated laser rangefinder is eye-safe and operates at a wavelength of 1,550nm, rendering the laser beam invisible to enemy combatants using I² image intensifiers. Additionally, the multi-coated optic provides the user protection against invisible laser radiation threats from laser target designators.