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It’s the dream of generations of explorers: to find life on another planet.

When it comes to the surface of Mars, however, we’re not quite ready to be there in person – yet.

In the meantime, we have to rely on proxies, and pretty good ones at that. NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover is the most sophisticated remote vehicle to operate on another planet.

When you are operating at 237 million km from Earth, there are some very special visual considerations. Number 1: Drive a safe course. 2: See that the Martian samples have been captured properly and 3: Keep photographic documentation of everything. After all, it might be the first sign of life on Mars.

Jenoptik is immensely proud to be selected by NASA JPL to supply the NavCam, HazCam and CacheCam lens assemblies for Perseverance.

We are helping pave the way for possible human exploration of Mars by engineering and manufacturing mission-critical technologies for space exploration.

Learn more about how we solved the unique challenges that space missions bring in terms of precision, quality and performance.