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The years 1990 to 1997

JENOPTIK GmbH and Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH emerged from the VEB Carl Zeiss JENA combine in 1991. Lothar Späth becomes Chairman of the Management Board. Jenoptik is responsible for the structural development in Jena and becomes the legal successor to the combine. It takes over the optoelectronics, system engineering and precision manufacture business areas. Joint ventures are set up and companies with established sales structures and an international presence are acquired in order to build up business. Since 1996 Jenoptik operates as a public limited company.

1990 - 1991

The JENOPTIK Carl Zeiss JENA GmbH becomes Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH and JENOPTIK GmbH

In 1990, the German privatization agency (Treuhandanstalt) in Berlin acquires the VEB Carl Zeiss JENA combine with 13 companies and around 30,000 employees.

In 1991, JENOPTIK Carl Zeiss JENA GmbH became Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH and, as a state-owned company, JENOPTIK GmbH: Jenoptik became the legal successor to the combine, took over the optoelectronics, systems technology and precision manufacturing divisions and was responsible for structural development in Jena. Lothar Späth becomes Chairman of the Management Board of Jenoptik.


1992: Jenoptik opens an investor center

Jenoptik opens an Investor Center in Jena that offers information and services to investors and regional companies. Just one year later more than 6,000 visitors from home and abroad are already counted. The Center remains open until June 30, 1994.


1993: Conversion of the former Zeiss headquarters

Jena becomes a large construction site: In January 1992, Lothar Späth explains his construction plans. These contains the renovation of the former Zeiss main plant and the Jena industrial estate Göschwitz, Tatzendpromenade and Saalepark, as well as the residential building project "Bei den Fuchslöchern".

The construction of the Goethe-Galerie and the Hotel Esplanade begins. Development contracts for the business parks in Göschwitz and the Tatzendpromenade are concluded with the city of Jena.


1994: Transfer of the management of the BMFT project "Diode laser"

JENOPTIK GmbH acquires ownership of MEISSNER+WURST GmbH+Co., Stuttgart (later M+W Zander). The leading plant manufacturer in the electronic industry will have a massive influence on Jenoptik for the next ten years.

As part of the "Laser 2000" federal program, Jenoptik will be responsible for leading the BMFT "Diode Laser" project in 1994.


1995: Aesculap-Meditec GmbH

The Lasers, Optics, Systems business area is boosted by the acquisition of the Hagenuk subsidiary Impulsphysik GmbH, Hamburg and Steinheil Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH, Munich.

In Jena, Jenoptik and Aesculap establish Aesculap-Meditec GmbH in order to combine the areas of expertise in laser medical technology.


Goethe Galerie

JENOPTIK GmbH is converted to a public limited company. Since January 1996, Jenoptik is organized into four business divisions: Clean Systems, Photonics, Telecommunications and Asset Management.

In April 1996, Jenoptik acquires 40 percent shares in the telecommunications company Krone AG, Berlin. By the end of the year Jenoptik becomes the majority shareholder in the company with 65.7 percent of the shares.


In 1997, Jenoptik acquired ESW-Extel Systems Wedel

In 1997, Jenoptik acquires ESW-Extel Systems Wedel, now an integral part of our independent VINCORION brand for the mechatronic business.