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Civil security: Safeguarding communities and borders through advanced ANPR solutions and next generation technologies.

Working with Jenoptik to combat organized crime and terrorism: Our systems for civil security help you to prevent and solve crimes.



  • Saves on personnel and resources: Automatic capturing and checking of number plates
  • Effective: Profiling and tracking suspect vehicles
  • Flexible: Permanent installation of ANPR cameras at roads or mobile use in vehicles
  • Customised: Compatible with all standard interfaces and databases
  • Easy to use: Quick to install, configure and operate cameras
  • Powerful: Algorithms automatically process huge amounts of ANPR data in real time and analyse positive results


  • Police services: Preventing and combating crime, monitoring and tracking known vehicles of interest
  • Border control: Matching vehicle number plates in real time
  • Public buildings: Controlling and protecting access roads to schools and government buildings

Case studies: Automatic number plate recognition around the globe

From Belgium and the United Kingdom to Lithuania – our expertise is in demand worldwide. Jenoptik has completed a multitude of complex case studies in many different countries. Our specialists develop, build and supply products that meet your requirements. After a project has been completed, we will be happy to regularly service the equipment and provide you with advice.

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Vehicles are often involved in crime as stolen property, as transport for illegal goods and even as weapons. Our automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and analysis systems enable you to monitor vehicles and evaluate data in real time, securely and accurately to combat crime. The goal: Incresing civil security, safeguarding communities and borders with advanced ALPR solutions and next generation technologies.

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) from Jenoptik enables you to capture number plates in passing road traffic via a network of high-capacity cameras. In combination with our TraffiData analysis software, you get detailed analysis in real time on the incoming data. Vehicle number plates can be compared against watch lists and the information linked with traffic and movement data. Movement profiling of criminals can then be created and suspect vehicles promptly located.

All data is stored in accordance with legal requirements and data protection regulations. Data failing to return hits when compared against watch lists is deleted immediately and irrevocably.

Jenoptik supports police, security agencies and private companies in the vital task of ensuring national security for millions of citizens. Our complete civil security solutions for combating crime can be used along transit roads, at traffic junctions and borders, and to protect schools and government buildings. Our solutions enable risks to be identified promptly, and facilitate good decision making in emergencies.

Increase civil security with Jenoptik as a dependable partner 

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