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From an idea to development – digitization and industry 4.0 create new opportunities for innovation

For hightech companies, innovations are existential in order to grow substantially. Based on its Strategy 2022 Jenoptik is pursuing the goal of sustainably increasing the innovative strength of the group's digitization.

Digital network

Today’s industrial world is constantly being influenced by trends as are the needs of our customers. Industry 4.0, Digitization and the Internet of Things are only a fraction of the megatrends that have an impact on us as a company and on our products. Innovative ideas pave the way for improvements and efficiency.

In order to meet future requirements, innovations are at the heart of our strategic goals. "More Innovation" is one of the three pillars of our Strategy 2022 and the basis for improving the conditions for successful innovation throughout the group. One of our top priorities is to expand our ability to innovate in our target markets.

For us, the foundation of innovative strength is to create space for curiosity and new ideas. A central component of our success is also the development of a positive innovation culture so that we can extend our own research activities even more strongly in addition to developments directly on behalf of customers. In addition to selected photonics markets, we are focusing primarily on expanding our application competencies and developing new digital business models.

The Jenoptik divisions use digitization for innovative developments of their technologies. And not least, our innovative solutions give our customers the competitive edge they need to advance in markets around the world.

Industry 4.0 in the Jenoptik Group

Data Center

Enabling the digital world

The Light & Optics division uses the potential of light to improve data transmission. Optical transceivers are being developed to transmit data and information using light from transmitting to receiving stations.

These transceivers are used, for example, in data centers, which allow for the ever-increasing global volume of data traffic.

Production Line

Process automation for smart manufacturing

For Industry 4.0, innovations in the field of process automation are essential to make processes more efficient and precise, not least in smart factories.

The Light & Production division focuses on the automation of processes in production facilities – from laser machines to complete automation solutions for production lines.

Traffic Network

Deep Learning for ANPR

One of the Light & Safety division's innovative products is our "Deep Learning" algorithm, which achieves higher accuracy than conventional processing methods for image analysis.

Thanks to artificial intelligence the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system continuously learns to recognize the characters of individual license (or number) plates from a variety of examples. The system also identifies the vehicle type and the country from which the vehicle originates.