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As a market-oriented, globally active optoelectronics group, our success is determined by excellent products and solutions. In order to meet these requirements we place particular emphasis on high-quality materials and services. Procurement is therefore a top priority and an important factor for our company's success. With a global network of efficient suppliers we guarantee our customers an outstanding and permanent competitive advantage.

Our global customers primarily include companies from the semiconductor and semiconductor equipment industry, the automotive and automotive supplies industry, medical technology, security and defense technology and the aviation industry. In order to be able to successfully serve these challenging markets we select globally efficient suppliers. We then work closely together with these suppliers to achieve optimal quality and efficiency, also taking the United Nations Global Compact into account.

Purchasing Guidelines

Our purchasing guidelines are derived from our corporate strategy and form the basis of our actions. With fairness and openness, we strive for trusting and long-term cooperation with our partners. We pay attention to human rights, ethical principles, working conditions and environmental protection.

1. Customer Satisfaction

For the customers of JENOPTIK, we want to achieve optimum quality, security of supply and competitiveness. The satisfaction of our customers is our incentive. To achieve this, we need high-performance suppliers.
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2. Quality

We work consistently on our performance and strive for sustainable cooperations with suppliers who pay attention to efficient and environmentally compatible development and manufacturing processes. To ensure optimal purchasing results, we evaluate our suppliers at regular intervals.

3. Processes

Transparent purchasing processes are the basis for optimal business processes and therefore a success factor for greater efficiency and productivity. With our process house, we have created a platform to standardize processes and responsibilities in purchasing across the board.
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4. Project Purchasing

The early involvement of purchasing in customer projects of JENOPTIK reduces development times and promotes optimized and competitive products. Through early exchange with our suppliers, we create synergy effects and provide the basis for feasibility and make-or-buy decisions.

5. Transparency

Traceability, a uniform approach and a dialog based on partnership are part of the requirements we place on ourselves in our dealings with internal and external partners. Purchasing decisions and supplier selection are based on the analysis of objective criteria, which we can present transparently.
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6. Supplier Management

Efficient, reliable and innovative suppliers are the driving force behind our strategic supplier management. With the cornerstones of supplier selection, evaluation and development, we ensure the continuous optimization of our supplier portfolio and minimize supply-relevant risks.

7. Supply Chain Management

Customer requirements as well as industry and product diversity constantly present us with new challenges. The regular adaptation of our procurement and logistics processes is therefore part of our daily task.
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8. Global Sourcing

Global sourcing strategies help us to continuously improve competitiveness, security of supply and flexibility and give us access to new technologies and markets. In our global commodity organization, we regularly exchange information and leverage synergies.

9. Compliance

All employees must comply with our corporate policies. In this way, we want to permanently strengthen the trust of our business partners and the public in our integrity and performance. This also includes ensuring that suppliers accept and implement the Code of Conduct of the JENOPTIK Group.
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Application as a supplier

Demand priorities

Our demand for individual parts, components, complex modules and services on the procurement side are as varied as the products and solutions we provide for our customers. They predominantly include the fields of mechanics, optics, electrical/electronics and laser technology and are divided into the following main groups:

  • Electrical and electronic parts and components
  • Semiconductor technology/printed circuit boards
  • Lasers and laser components
  • Mechanical systems, turned/milled parts, sheet-metal parts
  • Optical glass (SiO2, Si, Ge, ZnSe, Sapphire, MgF2, CaF2) and components

Indirect materials:

  • Services
  • DIN/Factory standard parts, office material
  • Machinery/ systems etc.

Requirement profile and application

  • Your range of services match our requirements and our purchasing philosophy.
  • You have a quality management system certified in accordance with at least ISO 9001 or AS9001.
  • Your environmental management system conforms to ISO 14001.
  • You work "just in time" and are flexible.
  • You are innovative and would like to actively cooperate in developing technical solutions and assume independent development tasks.

Procure-to-pay process


Offers and offer documents

Offers are generally free of charge for Jenoptik unless otherwise agreed in writing. With your binding offers you send us, in addition to the clear and detailed specifications/description of the scope of services, all comprehensive commercial information as well as the proof of product compliance and ensure compliance with the applicable legal provisions of export control.

Offer documents - product compliance

As a supplier of technical components and systems, you confirm that the products are manufactured according to the state of the art in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as well as relevant directives and restrictions. Proof of conformity and the handling of hazardous substances must be provided with the offer (e.g. RoHS, REACH, safety data sheets).

Offer documents - export control law

In your offer, you inform us of the statistical goods tariff (HS code) and the country of origin for customs classification. For export control classification, please inform us in detail about all relevant data (e.g. export or control list no., EAR99, ECCN no.) in all cases where the products fall under export control regulations of DE / the EU as well as the USA, without exception.


Purchase orders

After coordination with the responsible purchaser, the supplier receives an order in which the contractual conditions, scope of delivery or delivery item and time are defined. This order has been approved in advance within Jenoptik. If a purchase order is received, it is therefore also guaranteed that all internal specifications and regulations have been complied with. An order without an official purchase order is not desired by us. If you provide goods or services without an official order document, you will not be entitled to payment of your invoice.
The supplier assures that he complies with all relevant registration and information obligations as well as restrictions of the REACH Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 for substances and mixtures, if applicable, and provides a safety data sheet on the substances and mixtures used. RoHS-compliant material must be used (EU Directive 2011/65/EU in conjunction with Delegated Directive 2015/863 from July 22, 2019).
Orders are preferably sent to you electronically via our supplier portal. Please see the electronic data exchange on the page "Cornerstones of cooperation".

Orders via catalog

Jenoptik offers the possibility to trigger catalog orders. This represents a significant simplification in terms of workload for all departments. The ordering process is considerably accelerated as a result.
As a rule, we link supplier catalogs directly to our ERP system as an OCI store. In this case, however, the assortment must exceed 100 articles and there must be an appropriate order volume.
In the case of smaller assortments, which are, however, procured on a regular basis, we will quickly and flexibly include your articles in our collective catalog (so-called lean catalog).
Please contact your responsible contact person in purchasing if you think that the service you procure is basically catalog-capable. Our purchaser will then speak internally with the responsible employee and he will contact you.

Order Confirmation & Goods Receipt

Order confirmation

We expect your order confirmation within 5 working days after receiving our order. Delivery dates refer to receipt at the stated delivery address. The order confirmation must contain the following elements: Material number (Jenoptik) and/or a performance description, unit price (incl. surcharges and/or discounts), quantity, unit of measure, delivery date, payment terms and Incoterms, delivery address, manufacturer part number.
Order confirmations are also preferably exchanged via supplier portal. Take a look at the electronic data exchange on the page "Cornerstones of cooperation".

Goods receipt

Please indicate on your delivery bill our order number, as well as the statistical customs tariff number and the weight of the delivery item. Please let us know if the goods are included in the export list by indicating the export list number [US goods = ECCN]. Your delivery documents or the service bill should correspond in its structure to the preceding order.
If your invoice is before the goods receipt or the service entry, the invoice processing will be much more time-consuming. The payment of your invoice will be delayed accordingly.

Invoice & Payment

Invoice & Payment

All invoices & credit notes are to be sent to us electronically. Please refer to the order for the appropriate email address. Invoices sent by mail / in paper form are considered not received. All invoices will be checked according to tax and legal requirements. Your master data will also be checked (esp. bank details/company name). It is therefore important that you inform us immediately of any changes to your master data.

Please note the following list of invoice components and transmission principles that are mandatory for processing an incoming invoice. In case of missing information or non-observance, the invoice will be rejected as incorrect.

Necessary invoice components

  • Invoices must be provided with a contact person at Jenoptik and/or order number and/or project number.
  • Tax principles in accordance with §§14, 13 esp. 13b UStG (German Turnover Tax Act) and the Turnover Tax Implementation Ordinance (Umsatzsteuerdurchführungsverordnung) must be complied with.
  • It is mandatory to indicate bank details on the invoice.
Invoice approval shall follow the Jenoptik "3-Way-Match" approval steps: Purchase Order - Goods Receipt Note - Invoice. Please note that the Jenoptik Group makes payments from the due date on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

Transmission principles

Invoices must be sent to the following e-mail addresses, depending on the company:

Invoices are to be attached to the respective e-mail as a PDF document.

  • The PDF documents are to be created and sent without a signature and without password protection.
  • A maximum of one invoice is to be attached per e-mail - otherwise no processing will take place technically.
  • The e-mail subject must refer to an invoice.
  • Processing is fully automated; e-mail texts are not processed.
  • Other correspondence regarding invoices should be sent to
  • If other electronic file formats (EDI) are to be used, this must also be coordinated by e-mail to
Furthermore, we ask you to use exclusively the e-mail address for all reminder topics.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Code of Conduct

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase of the Jenoptik Group (for the German legal entities mentioned below)

These General Terms and Conditions of Purchase shall apply to all business transactions in which JENOPTIK AG or the following companies are the customer(s): JENOPTIK Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, JENOPTIK Industrial Metrology Germany GmbH, JENOPTIK Optical Systems GmbH, JENOPTIK Robot GmbH and Trioptics GmbH.

US - General Terms and Conditions of Purchase of Jenoptik Group and Code of Conduct for Jenoptik Suppliers (for all US legal entities of Jenoptik Group)

Further Conditions of Purchase

Code of Conduct for Business Partners of the Jenoptik Group

The Code of Conduct of the Jenoptik Group applies in relation to the respective General Terms and Conditions of Purchase.