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Your system partner in optical solutions and technologies

Jenoptik enables innovation with its product lifecycle management and industry-leading optical technologies and solutions, from component to system level. Our expertise enhances value in the the semiconductor and electronics, mobility, healthcare and life sciences and material processing industries.

Your partner and enabler from idea to solution

We enhance the value of your innovations with our 360o product life cycle management and project and supply chain management expertise.
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Requirement review and specification of details

Together, we will translate your requirements to technological specifications. From the first stages of the product development process, we will assess the feasibility of your project while balancing the technical performance of your design and costs.

Design and development of prototypes 

Together, we will realize your requirements and develop prototypes of your product:

  • Produce rapid prototypes
  • Perform system integration of prototype
  • Test and qualify before moving onto production

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Manufacture and system integration

Finally, bring your idea to life. Using situational project management, we keep the supply chain flexible and scalable, which means that we can ensure optimized manufacturing times and costs. We also provide manufacturing process verification, validation and assembly training.

Servicing and product lifecycle management 

We see each project to the end and beyond with reliable product life cycle management:

  • Traceability of all products and components
  • After sales services
  • Training and change management
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Co-developer and manufacturer of tailored optical technologies and solutions

Using the power of light, Jenoptik enables the future with its globally-unique products of classic optics, microoptics, polymer optics, optoelectronics and digital imaging components that can be perfectly integrated into existing systems. We are your reliable system partner in vertical integration, and we support your business during the entire project by coordinating project phases, navigating the supply chain and completing the value chain.

Whether it be a single component or complex system, single service or comprehensive product integration, we work with you to tailor solutions to your needs. This means that you can focus on your core competencies while we worry about the rest. Rather than separately acquiring components and integrating them into existing systems, we take care of this for you as one comprehensive process, down to the system integration and servicing.

From the initial need to design, development, prototype through to production, we have the know-how to co-develop components or systems for customized applications within specified cost- and timeframes. Our 360o product life cycle management tackles objectives with speed, flexibility, reliability and cost-efficiency, meaning that if things change, our experts are there to adjust the project as necessary. Jenoptik is your partner in enabling a successful future and offers the expertise necessary for you to be a pioneer of innovation.

Our competencies as system partner, your benefits

Technologically sophisticated

Global developer and manufacturer of optical components and systems

Vertically integrated

Everything from a single source - design, prototyping, series production and support

Customer specific

Complex optical technologies and solutions tailored to your unique requirements

Efficient & flexible

High performance at optimized cost of ownership and time-to-market and rapid response to needs


Innovative, high-quality products and tested, efficient processes

Longstanding partnership

Partnernship for a secure supply of product and professional control of entire process

Jenoptik develops and manufactures optical components and systems for the following application areas:

  • Semiconductor Equipment

    for the production of microchips: exposure and write equipment, test & measurement, thermal processing; laser and material processing, metrology

  • Optical communication and consumer electronics

    for sensors, displays, data transfer and data storage as well as image processing

  • Optical measuring technology and machine vision

    Image processing objective lenses, sensors and precicion components

  • Safety and security systems and modules

    for demanding applications such as laser radar, night vision, thermal imaging, target identification, polarimetry, spectral imaging

  • Health care and life science

    for diagnostics and therapy. e.f. skin treatment, ophthalmology (LASIK), endoscopy, dental

  • Laser Material Processing

    and a wide range of application tasks

  • LED lighting

    for customer-specific semiconductor chips for LEDs and photodiode applications

  • Automotive and mobility

    for image- and laser-based driver assistance systems and sensors as well as mobile interior and exterior lighting

Our Services

  • Tailored, 360o product lifecycle management
  • Project management with expert support each step to achieve compliance of with requirement and budget specifications
  • Design, development and testing of protypes
  • System integration and testing of components
  • Small- and large-scale production of coatings, optical components, and systems, quality assured
  • Supply chain management that completes the entire value chain
  • Servicing, quality management and training

Do you have any questions? Our experts are happy to help.

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