Jenoptik offers excellent Solutions

In all areas of the Group we have comprehensive expertise in photonics and deep experience in innovative technologies.

We connect all this with the needs of our customers, the knowledge of many partners at universities and institutes and the skills of our colleagues within our five divisions Optical Systems, Healthcare & Industry, Automotive, Traffic Solutions and Defense & Civil Systems.

Our customers around the world mainly include companies in the semiconductor equipment industry, automotive and automotive supplier industry, medical technology, security and defense technology as well as the aviation industry. 


Jenoptik at a Glance

Targets and Strategies

Sustainable profitable Growth as an Expert in Photonics

Photonics is a key technology for the 21st century and greatly contributes to increasing the efficiency of technological processes. Within this dynamic environment, we want to continue sustainable profitable growth as an expert in photonics and gradually become a global player. We preferably target sectors serving the digital world, healthcare, mobility, safety and infrastructure megatrends: Our principle „From good to great“ charts our path to this future.

Growth Strategy  

To continue sustainable and profitable growth, we continue to consistently make further headway in the Jenoptik Group’s core strategic topics of internationalization, innovation and operational excellence. To implement our growth strategy:

  • we realign our segments even more to markets and megatrends like automotive and semiconductor equipment,
  • extend our excellence program into extended focus, e. g. to optimize our sales organization and processes,
  • continue to work on our process of internationalization, together with greater vertical integration in our focus regions Americas and Asia/Pacific and
  • boost our financial strength.

Forecasts and Targets

The Jenoptik Group expects annual revenue of around 800 million euros with an average EBIT margin of 9 to 10 percent over the market cycles, and including smaller corporate acquisitions, to be achieved by 2018. More than 40 percent of revenue is expected to be generated in the target regions of Americas and Asia/Pacific.


Key Figures

2014 2015 2016
Revenue 590.2 668.6 684.8
EBITDA 76.1 88.8  96.9
EBIT 51.6 61.2  68.5
Earnings before tax
46.1 57.4 64.7
Earnings after tax
41.6 49.9  57.5
Earnings per share (in euros)
0.73 0.87  1.00
Dividend per share (in euros)
0.20 0.22  0.25
Order intake
589.2 636.7  733.8
Order backlog
422.5 373.4  405.2
Free cash flow
22.5 71.8 80.4
Capital expenditures
29.9 24.7  27.5
Balance sheet total
771.7 769.2  813.1
Equity ratio
386.6 435.1  476.4
Employees (as at Dec 31 incl. trainees)
3,553 3,512  3,539
All figures in million euros unless otherwise specified;
Earnings figures including discontinued operations;

Investment Highlights

We are one of the globally leading companies in the Photonics market, e. g. for

  • Laser for retina treatment in ophthalmology,
  • Laser perforation for airbag solutions,
  • High-end micro optics for semiconductor equipment industry,
  • Systems for red light and speed enforcement in traffic.

Our innovative solutions enable new cutting-edge products and make our customers more efficient, e. g. with 

  • High-precision two-dimensional optical metrology systems in the automotive industry,
  • Flexible robot-based systems for three-dimensional laser material processing of complex geometric metal and plastic parts.

We profit from sustainable megatrends in our target markets.

  • Digital World: optical- and micro optical components and systems for semiconductor equipment industry
  • Health: medical lasers used as well as powerful digital imaging methods for new medical diagnostic applications
  • Mobility & Efficiency: Jenoptik metrology systems meet increasing quality requirements in the production
  • Infrastructure: systems for red light and speed enforcement, number plate recognition as well as Traffic Service Providing (TSP)
  • Security: energy systems with leading power density for military and civil vehicles

Jenoptik is opening up new and exciting growth opportunities through further internationalization.

  • Around two thirds of revenue is generated abroad
  • November 2014: Acquisition in Traffic Safety (UK: Vysionics)
  • April and June 2014: Strengthening the presence in the Netherlands (Traffic Safety) and India (Industrial Metrology)

Financially, Jenoptik is well positioned in the long term and and shows solid organic growth.

  • Jenoptik has a sound balance sheet structure as well as a comfortable equity ratio of more than 50 percent.
  • April 2015: new debenture loans were issued and volume increased from 90 to 125 million euros
  • March 2015: our existing syndicated loan was extended and increased from 120 to 230 million euros