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Compliance & Risk Management

Responsible corporate governance and lawful, compliant conduct are considered natural at Jenoptik in a globalized market environment. We make business decisions on this basis and always ensure that our actions comply with regulations, laws and our values and meet the needs of the environment and society.

Acting responsibly and minimizing risks

As a high-tech company, we help our customers to be successful in international markets with excellent products and solutions. We strive to achieve the highest level of quality, not only in our processes, but also in our conduct towards our business partners and each other. Economic success and responsible action are two inseparably linked goals of Jenoptik.

Jenoptik's 3-person Executive Board as of April 2023

It is a matter of course for Jenoptik, the basis of all business activities and the top priority for all employees to act in accordance with applicable law and in line with our Jenoptik values ("compliance").

Our compliance management system

To ensure a uniform understanding of compliance standards throughout the Group, our compliance and risk management systems are closely interlinked. Both systems complement each other, combine comprehensive measures and ensure that business activities comply with applicable law and internal guidelines at all times.

To this end, we train our employees in compliance issues and carry out screenings of our business partners where necessary ("third-party due diligence"). The internal guidelines and control system provides our employees with the necessary framework for their daily business decisions.

Acting responsibly

Compliance with nationally and internationally applicable law is a matter of course for us. Our Integrity Code, which summarizes the most important principles of conduct, provides guidance for compliant behaviour.

Business partner

As part of the holistic management of our business partners, we work with our contractors as partners along the value chain on a long-term basis. Our Code of Conduct for Business Partners is the basis for contractual relationships and is binding worldwide.

Whistleblower system

Violations of ethical rules, laws and regulations are not only incompatible with our values, but they also damage our reputation and undermine the trust of our employees, business partners and shareholders. To maintain this trust, misconduct must therefore be identified at an early stage.

We provide a whistleblower system for this purpose, and all incoming reports are processed according to a structured and transparent procedure.

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Thomas Glassl: Director Compliance & Risk Management and Human Rights Officer Jenoptik

Thomas Glassl

Director Compliance & Risk Management and Human Rights Officer