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Photonic solutions for Life Sciences & Medical Technology

Master challenges in Diagnostics & Therapy for a better future


Photonics solutions are becoming increasingly important in diagnostic and therapeutic applications in the Life Sciences & Medical Technology sectors to help us master the challenges that affect our lives in several ways. The demand for innovative applications is constantly growing and force us to go beyond the limits.

Pushing these boundaries by co-developing innovative solutions together with you is our mission.

As your OEM solution provider, we focus on our competencies and key technologies that enable your customized systems to meet the growing demands for highly integrated photonic solutions in Life Science & Medical Technology and to solve essential challenges in your industry.

Your solution – with one partner

From idea to solution & from component to sub-system level

We accompany you with our competencies backed by highly efficient engineering teams & manufacturing sites through the whole development & product life-cycle.

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How we co-develop: your vision is our drive

Combining our strong base with your competencies - for more innovative applications

While you focus on your competencies, Jenoptik brings decades of experience in Biophotonics, balancing
  • performance,
  • costs, and
  • time-to-market

to realize your vision. We strictly adhere to proven processes to enable you to work as effectively as possible. Leveraging our in-house competencies in R&D and manufacturing and focusing on key technologies we strive to provide Life Science & Medical Technology solutions that go beyond the norm. Learn more about how we co-develop with you.

Evolve your system to the next level – together with Jenoptik

As a major global operating technology group in the photonics industry Jenoptik offers diverse competencies in the field of Biophotonics.

We deliver premium solutions through our highly qualified and continuously trained employees and our network in the optical industry.

Bringing individual modules to live

We attach great importance to the system integration of individual modules. Only in this way can the performance of your device be fully utilized by the customer.

Our comprehensive system design for smart integration includes requirement engineering and architecture & concept development.

See a selection of our R&D competencies below

Light sources OpticsMechanicsElectronicsSoftware
  • electron to photon

Generation of coherent and incoherent light for sensing and treatment

  • Entire value chain from epitaxial wafer growth to laser system assembly in-house
  • Customization of LED´s, laser diodes and laser engine assemblies
  • idea to concept

Spatial light design to support mechanical design, manufacturing, and assembly

  • Beam shaping for coherent and incoherent light sources
  • Imaging optics for macroscopic and miniaturized applications, e. g. endoscopes
  • Tolerance analysis to optimize design and performance
  • concept to model

Using latest computer-aided modeling software for cost optimized designs

  • 3D CAD & CAM modeling for reliability, serviceability, and manufacturability
  • Finite element modeling (FEM) for structural and thermal analysis
  • Thermo-mechanical design
  • photon to electron

Hardware & firmware and embedded system design for control and safety

  • High-end electronics for sensor integration (off-the-shelf and customized sensors)
  • Platform-based development to reduce time-to-market
  • electron to image

Processing algorithms, signal, and closed loop control algorithms

  • Image processing algorithms to ensure real colors
  • Signal processing for large amount of data
  • Enabling AI/ML algorithms in image processing
  • Control & safety

Real Measured Colors Technology - best image quality for reliable diagnostics and therapy

Producing accurate images and data from biological samples is the key to enabling next level laboratory analysis and to determining the most suitable therapy and medication.

Jenoptik can look back on decades of experience in digital imaging. As such, the color reproduction is firmly anchored in our DNA and is based on real measured colors. We ensure the transfer of this competence and experience into all imaging OEM developments.

Jenoptik´s real measured colors technology guarantees accuracy in color images by using micro scanning in combination with color co-site sampling. Red, green and blue information is measured at the same image location. This enables us to capture real measured color information without pixel interpolation. As a result, our image sensors always deliver the same color for reliable and efficient workflows in laboratories and for better patient care.

We make your vision ours

Be confident as we take care of your application - considering ISO 13485

For more than 30 years, our solutions have found their way into our customers’ innovations. We leverage our extensive project experience to provide comprehensive product lifecycle management for your specific application. From idea to solution - we work alongside you to translate your specific requirements

  • while considering all medical regulations (e. g. ISO 13485) and certifications during all stages of product development
  • into reliable series products
  • while ensuring manufacturing and service up until the end-of-life phase

Even after a successful market launch, we support your solution with customized service concepts in order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

A short step from development to manufacturing – together with Jenoptik

Our certified global manufacturing sites comply with international standards: ISO 13485, clean room facilities (up to class 5) and qualified employees to offer you a solution that can be integrated fast and easily into your final device.

We support you with

  • highly experienced Process Engineers,
  • Launch Managers for volume scaling, and
  • synchronized & stable proccesses including continuous improvement

We work in close coordination with our customers, regularly exchange ideas and realize continuous improvements in regard to quality, efficiency and sustainability.

See a selection of our manufacturing competencies below

Epitaxial wafer services & diode laser packaging
In-house semiconductor fab for processing GaAs-based optoelectronic devices and in-house manufacturing site for diode laser assembly and packaging
Customized production lines
In-house tool develop for production and quality control including the respective software ourselves and project-specifically
Ultra-precise alignment
Assembly and adjustment of high-precision modules and systems under clean room conditions
Project-specific metrology of optical and mechanical components and a wide range of optical measurement and manufacturing systems
Clean room facilities
Network of clean room (up to class 5) assembly facilities in several locations, specialized in different core technologies
Large area bonding
Cutting-edge and permanent bonding technologies
State-of-the-art coating technologies e. g. PVD with and without ion support, magnetron sputtering
Flexible production quantities from one to tens of thousands
Full flexibility due to independent and customized production lines

Your benefit: Jenoptik’s core competencies to deliver the Power of Light

Jenoptik is your design and manufacturing partner with the technical and operational competencies to develop cutting edge photonics solutions. We deliver the best optics & image quality, small device footprints and reproducibility, as these factors are crucial for the success of your device.


Custom design

Comprehensive, customized solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Design flexibility

From component to system level we respond flexible to your requirements.

Cost effective

Design-to-cost and reliability for reduced total cost of ownership.

Highest quality

Quality monitoring at every single step during the R&D and production.

Applications we serve: innovations for a better future

Enabling diagnostics and therapy

We take care of solutions along the patient’s entire healthcare chain to ensure the best possible diagnostics and therapy in Life Science and Medical Technology. Our experience in the implementation of a wide variety of applications are building blocks for your new device for effective health treatment.


  • readheads for DNA sequencing,
  • cameras for optical microscopy,
  • cameras and detectors for electron microscopy,
  • imaging solutions for dentistry and (robotic) surgery,
  • diode laser stacks for esthetics, or
  • disk lasers for ophthalmology
give you just a little insight into our extensive portfolio. Technological competence, application know-how, and knowledge of the normative landscape help us to realize your vision.

Enabling reliable data with the Power of Light

medical science laboratory

Jenoptik provides miniaturized, affordable, comprehensive, and customer-specific OEM solutions for illumination and imaging.

We understand the importance of preparing and pre-processing photonic information to enable accurate data evaluation for Life Science applications and we strive to find the best result for your challenge.

With integrated illumination and imaging solutions, Jenoptik helps to create groundbreaking applications and supports them with comprehensive expertise in

  • digitalization,
  • miniaturization, and
  • automation

Applications in Life Science

DNA Sequencing

Jenoptik solutions for DNA Sequencing

Powerful systems for effective sequencing

As we face new challenges in Life Sciences the demand for sequencing solutions will continue to increase. Our experience and customized systems made huge contributions to what DNA sequencing can do today for our society.

Cell Imaging


Enabling best image processing

Biological structures are crucial to find new targets for treating diseases with regard to resolution, depth of field and reproducibility. As your partner we co-develop the solution that ideally fits to your brightfield or fluoressence microscope needs.

Tissue & Blood Analysis

Tissue and blood analysis

Illumination & imaging for future healthcare

Studying on tissue and blood in relation to health becomes more important when thinking about precision and individual medicine. Jenoptik enables you to implement your solution by using our proven core technologies such as real measured colors.

Enabling improved medical outcome through the Power of Light

Medical Technology
Providing certified medical OEM solutions for ever-improved medical outcomes and increased efficacy at reduced patient discomfort is our vision. In the realm of medical therapy, photonic technologies play a major role in research as well as a myriad of medical applications.

Benefit from Jenoptik´s wide technology portfolio covering the entire value chain:
  • in the field of laser - from epitaxial wafer growth to laser system assembly, and
  • for imaging solutions - from sensors to cameras up to imaging sub-systems

including development of empowering software and electronic systems.

Applications in Medical Technology


Jenoptik OEM solutions for ophthalmology

Pioneer in disk lasers

To meet the demanding requirements that arise in ophthalmology, Jenoptik pushed ahead with development of diode-pumped thin disk lasers 25 years ago. Based on our 532 nm JenLas® laser we co-develop ophthalmic lasers at different levels of integration.


Jenoptik OEM solutions for esthetics

Modular solutions

Increasing awareness for beauty and improved quality of life creates potential for laser-based therapies. For this, we provide solutions based on our modular diode laser stacks. A wide product range combined with our competencies enables you to develop new devices.


Details for an exact treatment

Innovative therapies that put less strain on the patients are very important, especially in dentistry. Our 3D imaging, laser, and caries detection systems solve this problem, increase treatment quality, and contribute to digitalization and more efficiency in dentistry.


Jenoptik OEM solutions for surgery

Precision for surgeons

We develop several systems for minimally invasive & robotic surgery. Utilizing our state of the art competencies & technologies we provide endoscopes, 2/3-chip cameras, autoclavable lenses and more alongside the entire visualization path.

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