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Optoelectronics: Products and Customer-Specific Systems Using the Latest Technology

Jenoptik supports you in the production of optoelectronic systems and components that are perfectly tailored to your requirements.

We offer a broad range of development services and products covering optical system solutions and components in the area of optoelectronics. We also develop from prototype and manufacture to series customer-specific systems that are perfectly tailored to your individual applications and requirements. We support you from the initial idea and the design stage through to production, assembly and quality control, including supply chain management.

The many years of experience and comprehensive expertise of our experts enable us to combine optics, electronics, mechanics and software in our solutions. This gives you a competitive edge, allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies. You also reduce cost and resources. You can outsource the risk of production, while benefitting from faster market launch times.

As a reliable partner, we offer the highest-quality optoelectronic systems. All of our system solutions and products correspond to ISO standards and the respective industry standards. To ensure the performance and functionality of our products, we perform a range of tests—from spot checks through to comprehensive tests—using specific testing methods.

In addition to our customer-specific solutions, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of standard optoelectronic products.

Our subsidiary TRIOPTICS can help you take the performance of your optoelectronic systems to the next level by active alignment of optics and sensor. TRIOPTICS' optical alignment and assembly solutions enable the efficient mass production of high-precision optoelectronic systems.

Read the success story of MEKRA Lang and TRIOPTICS in introducing an attractive manufacturing solution for reliable ADAS camera systems for commercial vehicles.


  • Reliable: Expert partner— from the initial consultation meeting through to aftersales service
  • Highest quality: Thanks to our technical expertise and wealth of experience
  • Cost-effective: Save resources and avoid unnecessary investments
  • Safe: Outsource your risks
  • Certified: Our products meet strict ISO standards

Fields of Application

  • Medicine, analysis and diagnostics: Polymer optics for blood glucose meters, optical systems for gene analysis, dental and laboratory analysis processes, microscope cameras
  • Digital imaging: System solutions for digital imaging
  • Automotive: Polymer fiber optics, camera lenses and objective lenses, components for driver assistance systems
  • Optoelectronics packaging: Image sensors including packaging for camera systems, microelectronics, microchips, LEDs and photodiodes
  • Safety technology: Image sensors, LEDs and packaging for camera systems and IR camera systems, microchips for telescopes and telescopic sights
  • Machine vision and sensors: Polymer optics and free-form optics for scanners, rotary encoders, process monitoring
  • LED lighting: High-bay luminaires, LED system solutions

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