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Jenoptik revises 2014 revenue and earnings guidance

Annual targets are no longer attainable due to subdued demand from the machine construction, automotive and semiconductor equipment industries, as well as project postponements and more stringent export restrictions.

JENOPTIK AG has revised its 2014 revenue and earnings guidance despite high order intakes. On the condition that a major international order in the Defense & Civil Systems segment can still be completed by year-end, the Executive Board is now expecting Group revenue for the current fiscal year to come in at about 600 million euros (prior year 600.3 million euros). Group operating result (EBIT) is due to total around 50 million euros (prior year 52.7 million euros). This shall apply provided that uncertainties in the defense business will not increase over the coming weeks. The prior guidance for 2014 included revenue growth of around 5 percent and Group EBIT of approximately 55 million euros.

The reduced forecast for the 2014 annual targets is particularly the result of deteriorating external circumstances:

On the one hand, demand from the machine construction, semiconductor equipment and automotive industries was significantly weaker in recent weeks and remained substantially below the expectations of Jenoptik, thus negatively impacting on the course of business in the Lasers & Optical Systems and Metrology segments. This situation is exacerbated by project postponements on the part of customers.

On the other hand, increasingly stringent armament export restrictions issued by the German government due to the crisis in Russia and Ukraine will also result in lost revenue for the Jenoptik Group, in particular the Defense & Civil Systems segment, in the low double-digit million euro range.

The Jenoptik Group will continue to consistently pursue its present strategy. Due to the adverse development of business in 2014 resulting from external circumstances, however, the Executive Board is extending its planning horizon for the Group’s medium-term forecast. The company accordingly now anticipates annual revenue of around 800 million euros with an average EBIT margin of 9 to 10 percent over the market cycles, and including smaller corporate acquisitions, to be achieved in 2018, one year later than originally planned.

Jenoptik will publish its figures on the first nine months of 2014 on November 12. According to preliminary estimates, Group revenue will be slightly below the level in the prior year (prior year 432.5 million euros), Group EBIT will be at last year’s level (prior year 37.5 million euros). In the period covered by the report, the Group will state a substantial increase in order intake (prior year 415.4 million euros).

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