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Digital art exhibition: Robert Seidel

Jenoptik will be exhibiting the virtual sculptures "veneer #1" and "veneer #2" by Berlin-based artist Robert Seidel on the facade of the Ernst Abbe high-rise in Jena from November 8 to 26, 2023.


Jenoptik's HQ, Ernst Abbe high-rise, Carl-Zeiss-Str. 1, 07743 Jena, Germany.
Projection from November 9 to 26 at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. each day.

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veneer by Robert Seidel

The virtual sculptures of the veneer series are the studies for a future experimental film. The intertwined fragments show calligraphic features and condense into sculptural clusters. Digital modelling allows the artist to work beyond physical boundaries, so that the construction and animation of the objects merge on several levels.

The dimensions also seem to be out of proportion - associations ranging from nanobots to space stations seem possible. By detaching them from the filmic transformation, the artist provides an insight into his drafting process. In contrast to the final film, the abstract 3D objects are frozen and illuminated from all directions.

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Artist Robert Seidel setting up Tearing Shadows artwork

About the artist

Robert Seidel (born in 1977) began his studies in biology before moving to the Bauhaus University Weimar to complete his degree in media design.

His projections, installations and experimental films have been shown in numerous international festivals, as well as at galleries and museums such as the Palais des Beaux-Arts Lille, ZKM Karlsruhe, Art Center Nabi Seoul, Young Projects Los Angeles, Museum of Image and Sound São Paulo and MOCA Taipei. His works have been honored with various prizes, including the “KunstFilmBiennale” Honorary Award and the Visual Music Award.

In his work, Berlin-based artist Robert Seidel is interested in pushing the boundaries of abstracted beauty through cinematographic approaches, as well as ones drawn from science and technology. By the organic interplay of various structural, spatial and temporal concepts, he creates a continuously evolving complexity. Out of this multifaceted perspective emerges a narrative skeleton, through which viewers connects to the artwork on an evolutionary-derived and phylogenetic-fixated symbolic level.

More about and from the artist at his homepage.

Robert Seidel is still closely associated with his hometown Jena and continues to create temporary or permanent works of art here, such as the media façade of Stadtwerke Jena (the Jena public utility company) and the illumination of the Phyletic Museum in 2008 (pictured).
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Video art at the Ernst Abbe building

The veneer sequences were adapted by artist Robert Seidel to be shown in large format in public space at the Ernst Abbe high-rise in Jena. The architecture of the building is also incorporated into the adaptation. The art projection is Jenoptik’s third “digital art” exhibition after the Berlin artist Julian Loscher in spring 2022 and the Canadian artist Sabrina Ratté in spring 2023.

With this modern form of the traditional art exhibition series “tangente”, which has been in existence since 1994, Jenoptik combines its long-standing commitment to art with modern digital forms of presentation in line with the motto “More Light”. Since 2021, the permanently installed video mapping system has been in operation, with which large-format images can be projected onto the Ernst Abbe high-rise.

For the realization we thank not only the artist but also our partners who accompany and support the further development of our art engagement: JenaKultur, Huber & Treff gallery for curating our exhibitions and the LEC laser event company for the maintenance of the video mapping facility.

Read more about the video mapping technology and equipment in our blog article Video mapping for “More Light” in the city of lights, Jena.

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