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Jenoptik presents new solutions for integrated quality assurance at Control 2024

Under the motto “Level up your quality control”, the Jenoptik Group and its associated company brands HOMMEL ETAMIC, TRIOPTICS and SwissOptic will be presenting their latest developments in industrial metrology and optical surface inspection at the international trade fair for quality assurance “Control” from April 23 to 26 in Stuttgart, Germany.

At the Control trade fair for quality assurance, Jenoptik will be presenting a variety of automated measuring and inspection stations as well as new sensors and functions of the proven measurement technology for the target groups of automotive manufacturers and suppliers. The focus will be on a new pneumatic measuring device from the Gageline product line, new manual measuring devices from the Waveline product family and new optimizations of the Opticline shaft measuring device, which can ensure greater productivity and efficiency in quality assurance.

Measuring technology from the Jenoptik brand HOMMEL ETAMIC enables users to increase productivity in serial production in a quality-assured manner and to design efficient inspection processes – whether inline or offline, with a random check or with a one hundred percent inspection of all manufactured workpieces. In this way, HOMMEL ETAMIC continues to support the manufacturing industry in the trend towards automation.

Meet the metrology experts of the Jenoptik Group from April 23 to 26, 2024 at Control in Stuttgart, Germany in hall 10 at booth 1402 and discover the versatile product portfolio for quality assurance.

Images are available in the Jenoptik image database in the "Press Release" section.

Further information on the Jenoptik exhibits is available on the company’s event page.

Image: Control trade fair booth of Jenoptik and associated brands in 2023.

New pneumatic tester from the Gageline product family

The new Gageline complements the HOMMEL ETAMIC pneumatic tester product family. Pneumatic testers are known for their excellent repeatability and high accuracy – especially in production environments. However, until now these devices have not offered any flexibility with regard to multiple measurement requirements.

With the new Gageline, precisely this flexibility has been created, making it a promising solution for many areas of application. For example, it is able to measure shaft parts such as pins or cones with diameters from 10 to 130 mm. The same base can also be configured for testing other workpieces, such as rings from 20 to 150 mm in diameter. In addition, the Gageline can be combined with a collaborative robot to provide a complete, flexible and automated solution.

Waveline – new hand-held measuring device expands roughness and contour measurement

In the field of roughness and contour measurement technology, the new W40 hand-held measuring device will complement the Waveline product family. It offers a handy feed unit that can be used for all common roughness measurement tasks. The W40 device can optionally be used as a compact measuring station and can be used both in the measuring room and on the shop floor. The motorized zero point search for automatic positioning of the probe, the variable measuring speed, measurements in all positions and orientations – even overhead – are some of the advantages of the new product.

Above all, the product impresses with its PC-based evaluation option with the “Evovis Mobile” software. This covers all current standards, including the new DIN EN ISO 21920 series of standards. As it clearly displays the results of various standards, the software offers a considerable advantage and thus meets the future challenges in roughness measurement technology.

Opticline: Several innovations for higher productivity and efficiency in quality assurance

Opticline can be expanded into a multi-sensor shaft measuring device with the optional T3D tactile sensor.

The industry-renowned Opticline C series is being expanded to include measuring systems for larger and heavier workpieces, a wide range of automation solutions and additional multi-sensor applications.

The addition of the C923 and C1223 variants means that the proven technology platform of the Opticline C series can now also be used for large and heavy workpieces. This means that customers from market segments such as e-mobility, energy generation, commercial vehicle and aerospace can now also benefit from the highest accuracy and widest range of functionality in optical shaft measurement technology.

With integrated machine monitoring and compensation algorithms for temperatures and ambient conditions, solutions for fully automatic workpiece loading and independent calibration sequences, automation solutions can be individually scaled and long-term stable process reliability can be guaranteed even in harsh environmental conditions.

With the optional T3D tactile sensor, the Opticline systems can be expanded into a complete multi-sensor shaft measuring device. This means that all tactile and optical features can be recorded with high precision within a single measuring sequence in just seconds, and cycle times are significantly reduced. With the integrated option for gear measurement, typical gear features for spur and helical gears can now also be measured, which further increases the flexibility of the Opticline measuring system and enables fast process-oriented quality statements. Established functions such as automatic probe arm changes and system checks also increase efficiency directly in the production process.

The advanced Tolaris Optic 6 measurement and evaluation software provides support for programming all the extensive new functions. The highlight of the new software version is a clearer user interface with improved functions, which makes programming and operator self-monitoring even easier and faster in just a few minutes.

Otto Vision: Industrial image processing systems for efficient production processes

Automated image processing with 3D scanners

FLEX-3A optical 3D scanner for accurate, automated part inspection

Otto Vision stands for high-end industrial image processing applications. The Jenoptik unit specializes in optical 2D and 3D inspection and test systems for inline inspection, surface inspection and position detection as well as optical 3D production control. One of the product highlights is the FLEX-3A, a 3D stripe light scanner for the analysis of initial samples and prototypes as well as automated random sample inspection in the production area. The measuring system is specially designed for the high-precision and automated inspection of small parts.

The PSS-40/LCLW inspection and sorting station with laser cutting and laser welding is a further development of the PSS-40 inspection station, which has already been established on the market. The manual or semi-automatic process of mechanical cutting and subsequent joining of the carrier strip was replaced by a fully automated laser cutting and laser welding process.

TRIOPTICS: Optical measurement technology for precision in mechanical engineering

TRIOPTICS offers a comprehensive portfolio of optical measurement, testing and production technology for development, quality assurance and production worldwide. Our expertise ranges from testing individual optical components to the precise measurement of machine components. Our non-contact optical measuring devices enable extremely high accuracy with the simplest possible software-supported operation.

TRIOPTICS has been part of the Jenoptik Group since September 2020 and will be showcasing a comprehensive portfolio of optical measurement, testing and production technology for development, quality assurance and production at Control. TRIOPTICS’ expertise in the field of computer-aided and non-contact straightness measurement of guide rails and optical distance measurement will be used for mechanical engineering. This is carried out using the D-275 automatic autocollimation alignment telescope or purely visually using the OptiTest® product range. Detailed information on the D-275 will be available at the Control trade fair in the form of a digital presentation. The µPhase® interferometer, which is particularly suitable for measuring surface shapes with high speed and precision, will also be on display.

SwissOptic: Optical systems for laser-based measurement technology

SwissOptic realizes innovative, optical measurement technologies and systems for the leading providers in geodesy, photogrammetry and industrial measurement. As part of the Jenoptik Group, SwissOptic offers complete, customer-specific solutions from a single source, from the initial idea through to series production.


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