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Thermographic cameras and infrared camera modules for stationary and mobile use

The different thermographic camera solutions and modules convince by an exact measuring accuracy as well as outstanding image quality.

VarioCAM HD Thermography Camera

EVIDIR thermographic camera module

What could be nicer than warming up with a hot cup of tea on cold days or - when the temperatures drop down - getting cozy in front of a fireplace.

As humans, we can feel this warmth, but we can't see it. A thermographic camera, on the other hand, is a technological step ahead of us in this respect, because it can make this part of the electromagnetic spectrum visible and generate an image of its surroundings even in absolute darkness. With its help, the smallest temperature differences can be displayed and measured precisely without contact. Thanks to the high resolution of our thermographic cameras as well as infrared camera systems, even the smallest temperature differences quickly become visible in detail.

The thermographic cameras have combined our expertise in camera technology and infrared optics since 1992. With outstanding image resolution, the devices set standards and make Jenoptik the technological market leader and pioneer in highest-resolution uncooled thermographic cameras.

From security monitoring to industrial environments, construction to research and development, our thermographic cameras are built for versatility with their compact size and light weight. And deliver outstanding image quality with accurate readings in any tough environment like no other model of their size.

With the infrared camera modules, we put together exactly the customized systems you need for your projects. All cameras can be easily integrated into your existing systems. Choose exactly the camera configuration that meets your requirements and let our experts advise you.

Benefits Thermographic Camera

  • very precise: highest spatial resolution worldwide with high measuring accuracy
  • extremely efficient: Capture large measurement areas with high resolution
  • fast: radiometric imaging in real time
  • robust and durable: no maintenance for uncooled cameras
  • flexible: Versatile connection options

Fields of application

  • Electronics industry, automotive
  • Research and development
  • Process control raw material industry
  • Automation technology
  • Building industry / building thermography

Choose a thermography camera solution that matches your requirements

Do you need stationary cameras?

Stay tuned and soon experience precise and efficient measurements with our new generation.

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