High-precision laser applications: Process materials efficiently

Jenoptik provides versatile laser processes that help you to optimize your processing tasks, applications and production processes.

Jenoptik experts will help you to find the best laser processes for your applications in production, allowing you to process different materials such as metals, plastics, semiconductors, textiles and leather efficiently and cost-effectively. We offer highly developed laser beam sources such as diode, solid-state and fiber lasers, as well as laser machines tailored to the relevant process. These are ideal for a range of different industries — from the automotive industry to sciences.

You can test all the laser beam sources offered by Jenoptik in our application laboratory. These include various diode, solid-state and fiber lasers. The practical tests will help you determine which laser is best suited to your specific needs.

Our customer application center also gives you the opportunity to use all of our series production systems in a targeted manner — tested on your own products under real conditions. You can choose from 15 different laser systems and machines, and will be assisted and advised by our highly qualified engineers. The application centers give you the opportunity to develop your production processes in a sustainable manner. Your feedback will also help us to continuously improve our own products.


  • Versatile: Process different materials for different markets.
  • Optimized: Test the equipment to find the best-possible laser process for your application.
  • Efficient: Improve production processes in the long term.
  • Expertise: Highly qualified engineers are on hand to advise and assist you.

Fields of Application

  • Automotive: Perforation of plastics, and welding and cutting of metals and plastics.
  • Metal processing industry: Welding and cutting of metals.


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