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Efficient material processing thanks to efficient laser machines from Jenoptik

Jenoptik laser machines do not damage the material, are extremely precise and deliver maximum quality, allowing you to optimize your production processes.

Laser Machines in the Customer-Application-Center

Laser Machines in the Customer-Application-Center

Cut, weld and perforate a range of materials using efficient and cost-effective laser machines from Jenoptik. The process is completely non-contact, and you can set a precisely defined energy input, helping to protect the workpiece and tool and preventing damage and wear. The highly developed laser technology also prevents the material from overheating and warping, which minimizes reworking time and saves costs.

Jenoptik is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laser machines and laser systems for material processing. We develop and build efficient laser machines for your specific production requirements, helping you to realize new manufacturing opportunities. Your process requirements, production environments and specific goals are our benchmark. We configure and optimize our modular standard platforms in close cooperation with you to deliver a tailored solution — because progress needs a base of excellence.

Benefits of Jenoptik Laser Machines

  • Non-damaging: The laser machines use a non-contact and non-wearing process.
  • Precise: Precise results thanks to sensor-guided laser technology.
  • Controlled: User-defined energy input, helping to minimize thermal load.
  • Economic: Minimal operating costs thanks to short processing times and optimized processes.
  • Tailored: Laser machines optimized in line with your specific production processes.

Fields of Application

  • Automotive industry: Perforation of predetermined breaking points for airbag covers, and 3D laser processing (welding and cutting) of plastic and metal components.
  • Household technology: Laser cutting and welding of housings and plastic components.
  • Electronics and household goods industry: Laser welding of displays, valves, pumps, sensor housings.
  • Medical technology: Laser welding of blood glucose monitors, catheters, dialysis machines.

Overview of our Laser Machines

Our Laser Applications

Press releases

Laser material processing for rapid prototyping of vehicle tires

Jenoptik and 4JET jointly launch new technology

The technology enables rapid prototyping of vehicle tires through precise laser material processing. The process replaces the time-consuming manual carving of tires and thus significantly reduces development cycles and prototyping costs in tire development. read more

F-Theta lens for 1064 nanometer applications in Jenoptik's Silverline(TM) lens portfolio

Custom F-Theta lens for battery production

Due to the growth of e-mobility, the demand for reliable beam-shaping optics for battery production increases continuously. In cooperation with technology leaders, Jenoptik has implemented these specific requirements in a new F-theta lens for 1064-nanometer applications. read more

Steve Green, President of Jenoptik Automotive North America

Jenoptik announces the appointment of Steve Green as president for smart manufacturing solutions

As President of Jenoptik Automotive North America, Steve Green will be responsible for smart manufacturing solutions. read more

Laser Cutting Machine: High-Precision Cutting of Metal

Jenoptik receives a major order from the automotive industry

The order comprises three complete production cells for cutting and welding body components for electric cars. read more


Jenoptik accelerates profitable growth with acquisition of TRIOPTICS

TRIOPTICS is a leading high-growth photonics company (revenue of around 80 million euros and operating margin before depreciation of approximately 27 percent in 2019). read more

DLEM laser rangefinder module family

Jenoptik expands military laser rangefinder capabilities in the US

Jenoptik is adding to its laser rangefinder (LRF) product portfolio and increasing its US presence by adding custom engineering and testing capabilities to the Jupiter, Florida facility in 2020. read more

Thomas Breen

Tom Breen joins JENOPTIK Optical Systems as Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Mr. Breen brings over 25 years of leadership experience in the optics and photonics industry. Jenoptik looks forward to working with him on the next stage of growth and development. read more

300th Jenoptik airbag scoring machine goes to China

Jenoptik supplies state-of-the-art laser systems for automotive supplier Xinquan in China

A Chinese automotive supplier has ordered an additional laser-scoring machine for precision airbag perforation, investing in industry leading technology for processing automotive interiors. read more

Skyline of Yokohama, Japan

Jenoptik invests in Japan and takes over a long-standing joint venture completely

In future Jenoptik will hold 100 percent of the shares in the Japanese company JENOPTIK Japan Co. read more

Flags More Light

Jenoptik Group strengthens its position as a full-service provider of automated manufacturing solutions with the acquisition of INTEROB

With the takeover Jenoptik opens up additional regional and technological growth potential in the automotive industry. read more

Abstract rotating neon lights on black background

Jenoptik presents new products for laser material processing at SPIE Photonics West 2020

At the 2020 Photonics West trade fair in San Francisco Jenoptik will inform about products and solutions such as F-theta lenses for ultra-short pulses and an innovative alignment concept for beam expanders. read more

Camera focus

Jenoptik announces the appointment of Mark Enright as Sr. Director of the Silicon Valley Application Center

Industry expert Mark Enright joins the North American management team of Jenoptik. read more

Cars in motion on a road and light effects in the dark of the night

Jenoptik secures long-term contract in the automotive industry

Jenoptik will supply a laser-optical subsystem for the PM2.5 particle sensor, developed by HELLA, that will now make it possible to reliably and precisely measure minute concentrations of particulate matter inside vehicles and in their immediate environment. read more

Contour measurement technology for Czech Metrology Institute

Jenoptik equips the Czech Metrology Institute with contour measurement technology

Jenoptik supplies the high-precision contour measuring system Waveline W900C to Český Metrologický Institute (CMI) in Brno. read more

Clean Room Diode Lab

Further Jenoptik investments at Berlin Adlershof Technology Park

Jenoptik is again investing in equipment for its state-of-the-art production of semiconductor lasers. read more

Pulse Compression Grating (PCG)

Stable laser manufacturing processes with fine-adjusted optics from a single source

As core elements of any laser manufacturing system, optics and micro-optics shape laser light in wavelengths from UV to IR. Jenoptik not only provides optical components, but also F-theta lenses matched with diffractive optical elements. read more

Vision-enhanced Laser Tool

Jenoptik demonstrates intelligent plug-and-play systems for laser material processing

Jenoptik will present its quick-integration optical system platforms for manufacturers of laser production systems at the LASER World of PHOTONICS trade fair in Munich. read more


Jenoptik at CMEF Spring 2019: Core technologies form the basis of new biophotonic solutions

The global technology group Jenoptik will be presenting JENOPTIK SYIONS, its key digital imaging platform to support the development of advanced devices for biophotonic applications, at China’s International Medical Equipment Fair, CMEF Spring. read more

Prodomax Automation Ltd

Jenoptik gains new automotive orders worth almost 20 million euros

Strong demand for automation solutions continues with further new orders in North America. read more

Jenoptik production facility in Bayeux, France

Jenoptik opens new production facility in France

Near Bayeux in French Normandy Jenoptik has invested in a modern production environment for the approximately 60 industrial metrology employees. read more

Red/blue light on dark background

Jenoptik streamlines corporate structures: German legal units of the Division Light & Optics bundled

As part of its Strategy 2022, Jenoptik is merging its business in the Light & Optics division in Germany to form JENOPTIK Optical Systems GmbH. read more

photonics trade show

LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA: Setting the stage for the future with a new strategic direction and key photonic technologies

At Asia’s leading photonics trade fair, Jenoptik will be demonstrating its service spectrum, from single components through to highly complex systems for biophotonics, industry and semiconductor manufacturing. read more

Brand Launch at Photonics West 2019

More focus on photonics with new brand, structure and corporate culture

Under the claim “More Light”, Jenoptik positions itself more strongly as an application specialist for photonic technologies. The new brand identity was presented for the first time at SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco. read more

Fast Focusing Module (FFM)

Jenoptik at SPIE Photonics West: Setting the stage for the future with a new strategic direction and key photonic technologies

At the world’s leading photonics trade fair, Jenoptik will be demonstrating its service spectrum, from single components through to highly complex systems, which are being used to successfully address future challenges in semiconductor manufacturing, biophotonics, and industrial processes. read more

Prodomax Automation Ltd

Jenoptik wins two major North American automation orders worth over 12 million euros

Prodomax Automation Ltd., a member of the Jenoptik Group, is very pleased to announce the award of two new orders which together amount to slightly above 12 million euros in North America, underlining a strong order entry start in 2019. read more

LiDAR Competencies

Jenoptik presents lidar expertise in Turin

Jenoptik showcases its expertise and products for complex lidar systems at the Vehicle & Transportations Technology Innovation Meetings (VTM). read more

Lidar competencies

Jenoptik presents at the DVN Lidar Conference

The exhibits shown at the DVN lidar conference in Frankfurt/Main on November 20 consist of optics, coatings and semiconductor lasers for use in high-performance lidar systems for the automotive, mobility and automation technology sectors, which Jenoptik already supplies to various industrial and automotive customers. read more

Golf Charity Event benefits Rainbow Connection

Jenoptik’s first ever golf charity event benefits Rainbow Connection in Michigan

Golf Charity Event raises 10,551 US dollars to fulfill wishes for children with life threatening illnesses. read more

300th Jenoptik airbag scoring machine goes to China

300th Jenoptik airbag scoring machine goes to China

Chinese car models will continue to be equipped with lasered airbag solutions from Jenoptik. The long-standing customer and partner Xinquan ordered two perforation machines for different technologies and materials. read more

Flags with Logo

Jenoptik further expands automation manufacturing capacity

Jenoptik Automotive North America LLC adds 40,850 square feet of manufacturing space to increase automation capabilities. read more

Roughness, contour measurement with Waveline W900

Jenoptik to present production metrology innovations at IMTS 2018

At the IMTS 2018 trade fair in Chicago, Jenoptik will be presenting several new industrial metrology advances, showing the latest trends in quality assurance. Visit Jenoptik in East Hall, Booth 135536. read more

Opticline shaft measuring system with handling robot

AMB 2018: Jenoptik presents new automated Opticline shaft measuring system

Jenoptik will exhibit its broad industrial metrology portfolio at the AMB 2018 trade fair on September 18–22, 2018, in Hall 7, Stand A33. read more

Flags with Logo

Jenoptik strengthens its metrology business with the acquisition of OTTO Vision Technology GmbH and OVITEC GmbH

OTTO and OVITEC specialize in optical 2D and 3D inspection systems for quality assurance and process optimization. With this acquisition the Jenoptik Group is expanding its position as a systems provider of production metrology and industrial image processing applications. read more

Clean Room Diode Lab

Jenoptik is investing in its Berlin site

Jenoptik is responding to the growing demand for high-power laser diodes with technical modernization and higher levels of staffing. read more

Flags with Logo

Jenoptik completes acquisition of Prodomax Automation Ltd.

With the closing on July 23, 2018 Jenoptik has completed the acquisition of 100 percent of the Canadian company Prodomax Automation Ltd. read more

Jenoptik announces acquisition of Prodomax Automation Ltd.

Jenoptik announces acquisition of Prodomax Automation Ltd. and raises its 2018 revenue guidance

Jenoptik has entered into an agreement to acquire 100 percent of the Canadian company Prodomax Automation Ltd. for a consideration of slightly below 2x expected sales, or around 7x expected 2018 EBITDA. read more

Laser Application

LASYS 2018: Jenoptik demonstrates new laser material processing solutions for automotive production

The Jenoptik Automotive, Healthcare & Industry, and Optical Systems divisions are showcasing together at LASYS, the only international trade fair with a clear focus on laser material processing, from June 5-7, 2018, in Hall 4, Booth D17. read more

New metrology plant in Villingen-Schwenningen

Jenoptik to invest 11 million euros in a new production facility for industrial metrology

220 metrology employees in Villingen-Schwenningen will have access to the latest development, production and office areas for global automotive and industrial customers. read more

Roughness, contour measurement with Waveline W900

Jenoptik to present new production metrology at Control 2018

At the Control 2018 trade fair in Stuttgart, Jenoptik will be presenting several industrial metrology innovations, reflecting the latest trends in quality assurance. Visit Jenoptik in Hall 3, Stand 3501. read more

California Office and Application Center

Jenoptik establishes application center in Silicon Valley

Jenoptik, an industry leader in high performance optical systems and healthcare & industry solutions, is pleased to announce the opening of a West Coast office to enhance customer proximity and leverage growth in the US. read more

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