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OEM laser solutions based on diode- and disk laser technology

Laser-based solutions for medical applications, materials processing, optical pumping, illumination and sensing

Within the product segment OEM laser solutions, we focus on developing, manufacturing and selling custom design:

  • high-power diode lasers
  • diode-pumped disk lasers
  • laser sub-systems

Our OEM laser solutions serve applications in healthcare such as laser-based therapy and diagnostics, materials processing and optical pumping.

The power of vertical integration: full flexibility in designing, assembling and packaging diode laser components, modules and laser sub-systems

Jenoptik OEM diode laser solutions

High-power diode lasers (760 – 1060 nm)

Covering the entire value chain– from epitaxial wafer growth to laser system assembly – we have full flexibility in designing, assembling and packaging our
high-power diode lasers in order to provide customized, diode laser based OEM solutions on the component-, module- or sub-system level.

In ascending order with regard to the level of integration, our high-power diode laser offering spans the following products in the 760 nm to 1060 nm near-infrared (NIR) wavelength region:
  • Epitaxial wafers and unmounted high-power laser diodes based on (Al, In, Ga) (As, P) compound semiconductors
  • Open heat sink diode lasers: single-laser-bar packages based on passively (conduction-) cooled or actively (convection-) cooled heat sinks
  • Diode laser stacks for power scaling into the multikilowatt range: multi-laser-bar packages based on actively (convection-) cooled or passively (conduction-) cooled submounts/ substrates
  • Fiber-coupled diode laser modules: single- or multi-laser-bar fiber coupled modules in a rugged OEM design
Open heat sink LK in fingers

Close exchange between our:

  • in-house semiconductor fab for processing GaAs-based optoelectronic devices and our
  • in-house manufacturing site for diode laser assembly and packaging

  • allows for comprehensive product development as well as process- and quality monitoring over the full value chain.

This empowers and enables us to deliver industry-leading high power diode lasers with superior reliability, electro-optical efficiency and optical output power levels up to 300 W in cw- and even hard-pulse mode in the 9xx nm region e.g. for a single laser bar mounted on our latest open heat sink generation LK.

OEM Disk Laser Solutions

Diode-pumped disk lasers

Diode pumped disk laser JenLas D2.x

Next to high-power diode laser technology, Jenoptik has pioneered development and commercialization of diode-pumped thin disk lasers.

Compared to other solid-state laser technologies our thin disk lasers offer highest electro-optical efficiency, water-less cooling of the gain medium and high beam quality due to suppression of thermal lensing. We are particularly active in the medical field of laser-based-therapy with our proven and highly reliable frequency-doubled 532 nm thin disk Nd:YVO4 lasers.

Our miniaturized JenLas® 2-8W laser fits into the palm of your hand and exhibits a rugged, sealed OEM-design for easy integration into your medical laser system.

The laser is available at three levels of integration:

  • free-space
  • fiber coupled
  • fully integrated, i.e. including fiber-coupling, control and functional safety electronics as well as cooling.


Jenoptik OEM Laser-Subsystems

Laser sub-systems: tailored solutions for customer specific applications

Next to laser components- and modules we are also offering highly customized laser sub-systems based on

  • Diode laser assemblies, e.g. linear laser source assemblies for low-brightness, line laser applications in materials processing, e.g. welding, heating, curing or annealing
  • Disk lasers: e.g. laser modules for integration in medical systems
  • Fiber-coupled diode laser systems, e.g used for laser-based etching in the semiconductor industry
  • Fiber lasers: e.g. based on our JenLas® fiber ns 25 – 105 for high precision applications in industrial marking and micromachining
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Benefit from our experience in diode- and disk laser technologies and stay ahead of the market

Custom design

Our expertise in laser technology allows us to provide comprehensive, customized laser solutions for a wide variety of laser applications. We co-develop with you - from ideation to solution - innovative laser products.

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Design flexibility

As a vertically integrated OEM supplier we are able to address customers needs from the component to the system level. This allows us to respond flexibly to your requirements.

Cost effective solutions

Reliability of our laser solutions translates directly into customer value in terms of reduced cost of ownership.
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Make use of our laser product portfolio to configure and co-develop with us the laser solution you need.

Do you have any questions? Our experts are happy to help.

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