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LDM7x Series – Measuring a wide range of targets with amazing accuarcy

The laser distance sensors of the LDM7x series are designed for measurements of moving targets. The sensor is characterized by an above-average measured value output frequency, up to 40 kilohertz. It can be used to detect objects in industrial automation. The sensor is also suitable for monitoring defined areas during transport. The sensor is offered as a complete device with industry standard IP67 and for OEM partners as a measuring module for integration into modular systems.


  • Fast: Measuring up to 40 kilohertz.
  • Compact: Characterized by its small size and a weight of 200 g.
  • Powerful: Measurements on 70 m at 10% reflectivity on natural surfaces.

Fields of Application:

  • Special applications: detecting objects in industrial automation, monitoring defined areas during transport.

Technical facts

Invisible measuring:
905 nm
Measuring reflective surfaces with 10% reflectivity:
70 m
Measuring refelctive surfaces or special objectives:
270 m
Measuring accuracy:
60 mm
Measuring frequency:Up to 40 kHz
Eye safe:Class 1 laser
Interface options:
RS232, RS422
Measuring functions (excerpt):
User-specific parameterization, switching outputs

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