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High-Performance Multispectral Objective Lenses for Use with Analog and Digital Reflex Cameras

With our objective lenses, you can capture very high-quality multispectral images.

Multispectral objective lens 60 mm for UV, VIS, IR
Multispectral objective lenses from Jenoptik are characterized by their outstanding focus correction, from the UV range to infrared. UV CoastalOpt® SLR objective lenses are ideal for use as an alternative to the Nikon 105/4.5 UV Nikkor objective lens. The CoastalOpt® UV-VIS-IR objective lens can be used with analog and digital reflex cameras with UV or infrared sensitivity. These include backup cameras with modified sensor filters and existing cameras such as the Fuji IS Pro DSLR.

CoastalOpt® multispectral objective objective lens includes a 25.5-mm threaded mount for filters. We would be happy to adapt it to your specific requirements. The multispectral objective lens is kept in stock so you can order it at any time.


  • High-performance: Can be used from UV to infrared range
  • Compatible: Can be combined with SLR and DSLR cameras
  • Customized: We can produce a thread that meets your requirements

Fields of Application

  • Forensics: Multispectral images
  • Law enforcement: Multispectral images
  • Natural science: Multispectral images
  • Art: Multispectral images

UV CoastalOpt® SLR

UV CoastalOpt® SLR
 Color-corrected:  250 nm - 650 nm
 Focal length:  105 mm
 Aperture:  f/4.5 - f/32
 Apochromatic:  Yes
 Macro objective lens:  Yes
 Manual focus:  0.5 m - infinity
 Objective lens attachment:  Nikon F-mount
 Filter attachment:  52 mm thread

CoastalOpt® UV-VIS-IR Objective Lens

CoastalOpt® UV-VIS-IR Objective Lens
 Focal length:  60 mm
 Aperture:  f/4 - f/45
 Number of elements/groups:  10/9
 Maximum format size:  24 mm x 36 mm
 Transmission wave range:  290 mm - 1500 nm
 Apochromatic wave range:  315 nm - 1100 nm
 Focal length range:  264 nm (10.4 in.) – infinity
 Maximum zoom:  1 : 1.5
 Connecting flange:  Nikon F-mount
 Filter:  52 mm thread (M 52 x 0.75)
 Weight:  535 g (1.18 lb)

CoastalOpt® Multispectral Objective Lens

CoastalOpt® Multispectral Objective Lens
 Length:  73.4 mm (2.7 in)
 Spectral range:  400 nm – 1700 nm
 Focal length:  25 mm
 Offset ratio:  f/2.6 maximum
 Aperture:  Adjustable iris
 Attachment:  C-thread
 Filter attachment:  25.5 mm thread
 Dimensions:  47 mm L x 47 mm Ø
 Image format:  9.6 mm x 7.68 mm
 Visual range:  22.1° H x 17.6°

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