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Optimal Light Transmission and Beam Shaping with Customized Fiber Cables from Jenoptik

Jenoptik manufactures special fiber cables for your specific optoelectronic applications. In doing so, the characteristics of the fiber and the structure of the fiber end closures are tailored precisely to your requirements.

Custom fiber cables
Your customized Jenoptik fiber cables are flexible and versatile and can be used to transmit light and shape beams. They are particularly suitable for applications in the VIS and NIR spectral range.

We offer you a wide range of special fiber cables: We adapt the fiber structure, protection and termination to your specific applications. We also work with you to determine the required wavelengths, transversal mode behavior, polarization and beam characteristics.

Use our specially designed light transmission elements, for example in laser scanning microscopy and laser medical technology. The fiber cables are also ideal for applications in the areas of sensor technology, industrial control systems and military technology.


  • Optical technologies: Use for light transmission and beam shaping
  • Powerful: Use in the VIS and NIR spectral range
  • Versatile: Use single-mode, multi-mode or polarization-maintaining fibers
  • Flexible: Configure different fiber types
  • Customized: Custom-made for your specific applications

Fields of Application

  • Communications engineering
  • Sensor technology
  • Laser technology
  • Metrology
  • Life science
  • Machine vision
  • Automotive and railway technology
  • Aerospace and space technology
  • Lighting and signaling technology

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