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ALM Amplitude Modulator: Uses Liquid Crystals to Alter the Polarization State of Passing Light

The ALM amplitude modulator is based on a twisted nematic liquid crystal layer. You use it to modulate the polarization state of a linearly polarized light beam.

Amplitude light modulator ALM
You can use the liquid crystal based amplitude modulator to influence the polarization state or intensity of a light beam. You do not need to use any mechanically moving parts: You simply adjust the control voltage of a twisted nematic liquid crystal layer (LC layer), thereby altering the polarization state of a passing linearly polarized light beam.

A polarizer on the output changes the amplitude of passing light. You control the ALM using a DC-voltage-free AC voltage of between 0 and 10 V.

The ALM works in the 430 to 1600 nm wavelength range. According to your requirements, we can also manufacture antireflection coatings for your desired spectral range. The optically active area of the standard version of the modulator has diameter of 20 mm. We also offer individual apertures on request.


  • Electrically controllable: Change the polarization/intensity of a light beam without any mechanically moving parts
  • Powerful: Use in the 430 to 1600 nm wavelength range
  • Customized: Antireflection coatings and apertures for your specific applications

Fields of Application

  • Optics: Control the polarization state or amplitude of a light beam without mechanically moving parts, i.e. vibration-free
  • Laser technology: Light modulators as laser accessories

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