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TraffiDesk: Evaluation software for traffic offense data

TraffiDesk facilitates your day-to-day work: The software automatically evaluates the data from your speed monitoring system.


TraffiDesk allows you to conveniently process traffic offence images and data. The original camera data remains unchanged. The evaluation software simplifies operations and encompasses all back-office processes. The data is imported and evaluated automatically and displayed for you to approve.

Our support team can install the evaluation software for you on site. TraffiDesk features a simple and intuitive user interface. The software design and the fact that processes are streamlined considerably reduce the time required to process traffic offenses.

During the measurement process the data can be accessed at any point to check and process the information. For example, the name and address of the driver can be added, the photo optimized and the image printed out immediately.


  • Enforceable: Information and log data that will stand up as evidence in court.
  • Save time: Minimize processing times with an intuitive and automated approach.
  • Efficient: Process each case quickly and accurately thanks to the specialized work-flow structure.

Fields of Application

  • Traffic monitoring: Evaluate and process data from your speed monitoring systems.

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