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TraffiDesk pro: Flexible evaluation software reduces processing time

TraffiDesk pro enables you to automate your processes for evaluating traffic offences. The software has been designed specially for large-scale applications and large numbers of systems.


The TraffiDesk pro evaluation software can handle all your back office traffic monitoring processes. The application has a modular design and takes account of each individual step — from data import to final approval of the traffic offence by the user. Many processes run automatically into account which significantly reduces processing times. This helps you to increase throughput considerably, particularly if you have a high volume of work.

The Workflow Engine is specially developed by Jenoptik manages and optimizes workflows. It minimizes the number of manual interventions that the user needs to make and improves process quality. The Workflow Engine also ensures that you can fully track all traffic offences. The evaluation software also produces a complete log of the traffic offences for legal assessment. Despite its wide range of functions, TraffiDesk pro is easy to use.

The evaluation software incorporates our comprehensive expertise. We are well versed in with international traffic monitoring and know how adaptable software needs to be.


  • Modular: Adapt the software to meet your individual requirements.
  • Time-saving: Optimum software performance makes working processes quick and efficient.
  • Flexible: Suitable for desktop and web-based applications.
  • Traceable: Increase transparency by logging data.
  • Compatible: Import traffic offence data from third-party systems.

Fields of Application

  • Traffic monitoring: Evaluate and process data from speed and red light monitoring.

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