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Traffic enforcement in extreme heat or cold with the Jenoptik Climate Housing

The climate housing from Jenoptik protects your high-precision traffic enforcement system even in the most extreme conditions and temperatures.

High-precision Traffic Enforcement System even in the most extreme Conditions

The climate housing from Jenoptik protects the enforcement camera system from extreme outside temperatures, ranging from -40 to +60  degrees, to guarantee reliable traffic monitoring despite extreme conditions. An optional air conditioning or heating system is available for special geographic or climatic conditions.

Special coatings, insulation and aluminum sun visors protect the technology from heat and cold, ensuring that extreme temperatures cannot damage your traffic monitoring system. As an optional feature, you can provide your housing with a high-performance air conditioning system that comprises of inner and outer circuits. This feature prevents contamination from outside air from mixing with the clean internal air. A special heating system can be integrated into the housing for extremely cold regions. Thanks to our modular portfolio, the system can be combined with existing Jenoptik products such as alarm systems, data transmission components and customer-specific add-on systems.


  • System protection: Protects the measuring technology from extreme environmental influences such as temperature, humidity, salt and pollution.
  • Reliability: Maintains a consistent temperature to guarantee smooth operation even in extreme temperatures.
  • Robust: Protects against the weather with a rugged and durable stainless steel housing.
  • Safe: Prevents vandalism and damage thanks to the double safety bolt mechanism.
  • Simple mounting concept: Attaches to a range of traffic poles including lift poles.

Fields of Application

  • Speed or red light monitoring: Ensures reliable operation despite extreme temperatures.

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