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Optimal protection for enforcement camera systems thanks to sophisticated Anti-Vandalism Pole technology

The anti-vandalism pole effectively prevents against damage making it ideal for secluded or remote camera sites.

Anti-Vandalism Pole technology

The anti-vandalism pole withstands intentional attempts to destroy it - even with motorized saws. It is virtually impossible to destroy the pole by sawing through it and provides optimal protection to the mounted housing containing the monitoring system.

The secret of the unique Jenoptik anti-vandalism pole is the three roller mounted rods inside to ensure that it cannot be sawn through. After the first cut through the surface, the rods simply turn — the saw is unable to cut deeper into the material.


  • Cannot be cut down: Impossible to saw through the pole.
  • Reliable protection: Vandalism and damage-proof height protects sensitive technology.

 Fields of Application

  • Traffic safety: Protect traffic enforcement systems, even in remote measurement locations.

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