Stable Housings for optimum protection of your traffic monitoring systems

The stationary housings for your Jenoptik traffic monitoring systems ensure that your traffic violation enforcement technology is given optimum protection.

The modern housings for Jenoptik's speed and red light monitoring systems combine a high level of functionality with urban elegance. They protect your high-precision measurement technology and blend seamlessly into the urban landscape. The street furniture is designed to provide reliable protection against the weather and vandalism for your speed and red light monitoring systems. They are made of stainless steel and are extremely robust. The exit windows for the measuring system are bulletproof, so that  - no matter what happens outside - the technology inside is completely protected. The panels are designed and tested to withstand impacts and gunshots.

The TraffiTower 1 and 2.0 street furniture has received several awards for its design. The entire product range has a modular design. The street furniture is available in different sizes and models.


  • Robust housing: The street furniture protects the high-precision measurement technology inside.
  • Bulletproof panels: Designed and tested to withstand impacts and gun shots.
  • Air conditioning: Air conditioning ensures the system can be operated in extreme temperatures.
  • Future-proof: All of the housings are available in different sizes and models.
  • Flexibility: All systems and components can be integrated.
  • Modern design: The color and finish of the street furniture can be adapted and harmonized with any environment.

Fields of Application

  • Traffic safety: Housings for speed and red light monitoring systems.

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