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TraffiTower 2.0: Certified safety for reliable operation of your measuring system with advanced design

The TraffiTower 2.0 ensures reliable and precise traffic monitoring. With its state-of-the-art design and superior materials and finishes, it blends seamlessly into any environment.

TraffiTower 2.0

The TraffiTower 2.0 is built to give your measuring system reliable protection against external tampering, damage and vandalism, whilst providing a favorable internal environment for continuous measurement operation. The glass panes are bulletproof and can withstand impacts and gunshots.

It also complies with the DIN EN 12767 standard so that it meets the most stringent safety requirements for road users in the event of a crash. This certification indicates the passive safety of permanent support structures for road equipment. This means that with TraffiTower 2.0 the risk of injury is considerably reduced for road users in the case of a collision.

With a variety of designs available, TraffiTower 2.0 blends seamlessly into the surroundings — whether it is set up in the heart of the city or on a country road. Its optimal combination of functionality and design has been honored with the prestigious iF Design Award. Two independently functioning measuring systems can be installed in the designer housing. This enables flexible speed or red light monitoring of over up to six lanes and in different directions simultaneously.


  • Passive safety: Low risk of injury for other road users.
  • Highly durable: Bulletproof glass prevents panes from being destroyed.
  • Flexible: The TraffiTower 2.0 is available in various designs and can house two independently functioning systems.
  • Award-winning design: Winner of the prestigious iF Design Award.

Fields of Application

  • Traffic safety: Pole for stationary laser speed monitoring system.

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