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TEMPODIS 230 SI: Speed display with extra warning lights

The TEMPODIS 230 SI encourages road users to drive more safely and carefully with its accurate speed display and four additional warning lights.

TEMPODIS 230 SI Speed display

The TEMPODIS 230 SI speed display gives car drivers, truck drivers and motorcyclists an even clearer indication of their speed: Four additional orange warning lights intensify the warnings displayed. The display quickly and reliably shows the speed measured by a radar sensor. A green smiley face or red sad face emphasizes whether road users are adhering to the speed limit or not. You can use this to increase traffic safety at danger spots, such as outside kindergartens, schools, playgrounds or on your company grounds.

The powerful LEDs automatically adjust their brightness to the ambient light. As a result, the speed display can be clearly seen at all times from up to a distance of 150 meters.

The speed display can be connected to external devices such as a flash unit or camera via an interface. TEMPODIS 230 SI stores data for up to 40 million vehicles. This data can be easily analyzed using the Jenoptik TEMPOVIEW software. You have the option of accessing the data relating to speed, direction of travel, date and time via an Internet connection.

The housing for the TEMPODIS series is made of powder-coated and laser-welded aluminum, making it extremely robust and weather-resistant. Power can be supplied by means of a power adapter (230-volt connection), a battery with charger or a separate solar panel.


  • Warning lights: The four orange lights increase driver’s attention.
  • Interfaces: Connect external devices such as a flash unit or camera.
  • Two colors: A green smiley face or red sad face indicate the speed of travel.
  • Powerful LEDs: Easy to see day and night, even in bright sunshine, from 150 meters away.
  • Robust: Weatherproof Housing and display protected against damage and theft.

Fields of Applications

  • Urban centers: In danger zones such as outside schools and hospitals.
  • On your company ground: At goods entrances and outside warehouses.

Product view

Technical Data

  • Two-digit dialog display with a digit height of 23 cm
  • Two colors (red/green) with four additional orange warning lights (wig-wags)
  • Bluetooth for settings and data transfer
  • Store data for up to 40 million vehicles (speed, direction of travel, date and time)
  • Interface for external devices
  • TCP/IP data transfer via the Internet (optional)
  • Includes configuration program
  • Laser-welded, powder-coated aluminum housing
  • Brightness of the LED display adjusts automatically to the ambient light
  • Individual reflective wording (e.g. "Your Speed")
  • One man installation
  • Weight: 4.2 kg
  • 24 months manufacturer's warranty

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