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Your success story with Jenoptik’s miniaturized digital light microscope solution

Traditional microscopes integrated into benchtop instruments are expensive, complicated, need a large amount of lab space, and are loaded with features that are not always required. The JENOPTIK SYIONS® miniaturized digital microscope subsystem focuses on high quality images and versatility, but with a small form factor, ease-of-use, and low cost. As a digital microscope solution in miniature format JENOPTIK SYIONS® consists of inter-compatible modules that work together seamlessly no matter what the final application is. When it comes time to conduct important bioimaging applications, it’s more than a matter of high resolution and sensitive lenses. You need a complete OEM bioimaging solution controlled by software and backed by a team with decades of expertise in light microscopy and digital imaging to advise you and optimize the system to your specific application.

, Ute Hofmann

Benefit from Jenoptik´s longstanding experience and expertise in light microscopy and digital imaging

DNA strand

Jenoptik’s technical team has many years of experience with CMOS technology as well as biomedical microscopy and can help you choose new image sensors with the pixel size, resolution, signal-to-noise ratio,dynamic range and other specifications for optimum performance for your particular application.

Its series of light microscopy cameras and customized solutions include the latest CMOS sensors with fast frame rates, low power consumption, low noise, and high quantum efficiency. Furthermore, the series comprises a range of USB 3.0 digital microscope cameras and software that meet the performance requirements for the entire range of biological imaging applications from molecular diagnostics to live cell imaging. The Software Development Kit (SDK) provides functionality to manage imaging modules, cameras, stages and illumination on developer level to integrate digital imaging products into customers own graphical user interface (GUI) and grants the access to all needed digital imaging products.

Jenoptik´s product line and customized solutions of digital microscope cameras has evolved over the past three decades of the its involvement in the industry. Scientists around the world have used Jenoptik´s light microscope cameras in innovative life-science applications from drug development to visualization of live cells, from monitoring microscopic cell samples to bacterial biofilm formation. However, that’s only part of the story. Traditional microscopes including microscope cameras itself or already integrated into benchtop devices are expensive, complicated, need a large amount of lab space, and are loaded with features that are not always required. The JENOPTIK SYIONS® miniaturized digital microscope subsystem focuses on high quality images and versatility, but small form factor, ease-of-use and low cost. It consists of inter-compatible modules that work together seamlessly no matter what the final application is. The OEM solution for digital microscopy JENOPTIK SYIONS® draws upon the Jenoptik knowledge base in both hardware and software.



Develop minimum viable products, for completely new applications faster and with fewer resources to improve our lives.


Easily develop a miniaturized microscope subsystem for portable approaches or with minimal footprint that requires less laboratory space.


Realize tailored process automation and integrate any opto mechanical hardware modules and periphery devices without big efforts.


JENOPTIK SYIONS® allows a smart integration by eliminating interface issues.


Realize your solution in record time and always focusing on capturing the perfect image.

Ease of use

Allowing manual control in addition to automated and software for user-defined workflows.

Beyond the matter of performance, application specificity and usability are rapidly becoming major requirements, since imaging systems are increasingly dedicated to specific diagnostic tasks. Here, the JENOPTIK SYIONS® modular platform for building miniaturized digital microscope subsystems is attractive for setting up a task-specific instrument tailored to your application.

Multiple fluorescence signal acquisition channels, signal quantification, graphic display in real time, cell counting, confluence measurement, cell motility measurement and any aspect of live cell analysis can be addressed. Applications that involve the application of PCR (polymerase chain reaction), in-situ hybridization or detection of nucleic acids in circulating tumor cells are completely within reach.

The technology and market understanding of light microscopy, including sensor technology, optical design, mechanics and electronics from years of experience are embedded in JENOPTIK SYIONS®. The OEM platform enables to generate miniaturized digital microscope subsystems for incorporation into your new or existing live cell imaging device, cytometer or other laboratory instrument rapidly. Thanks to the modularity of the JENOPTIK SYIONS® platform, the journey from prototype to production to launch your next-generation device can be completed in record time.

3-channel fluorescence microscopy (red, green, blue)

Making the unknown visible with the digital microscope solution JENOPTIK SYIONS®

The JENOPTIK SYIONS®solution for digital microscopy increases innovation, your productivity and competitiveness in life sciences, in-vitro diagnostics or drug discovery. Full HD or 4k video? Brightfield or fluorescence imaging? High sensitivity for low-light applications? Whether you are focusing your system on doing live-cell imaging or molecular diagnostics, you can easily customize your next digital microscopy setup to your application. All the JENOPTIK SYIONS®software applications are based on the same software development kit for speedy setup and reduced time to market.

Jenoptik’s extensive experience gained from its development of light microscope cameras, software, and other types of optical components, plus the collective experience of its customers, has gone into the JENOPTIK SYIONS® miniaturized digital microscope subsystem. You can be confident that your selections of JENOPTIK SYIONS® digital microscopy modules are backed by the highly skilled Jenoptik technical and customer service teams.

Find out more about our OEM solution for digital microcopy JENOPTIK SYIONS®.

With optimized workflows and high reliability, JENOPTIK SYIONS® is ready to become a key part of your success story.

Contact the JENOPTIK SYIONS® team to begin an obligation-free discussion about your next successful product launch in live cell imaging, molecular diagnostics, and more.

Dr. Ute Hofmann

About Ute Hofmann

New enabling technologies and methods constantly being researched and developed to ensure better prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases are her daily motivation. Dr. Ute Hofmann joined Jenoptik in 2019 as an experienced product manager for life science and diagnostics with a focus on cellular and molecular applications. She is responsible for Jenoptik’s bioimaging solutions and supports the success of OEM customers at the interfaces of R&D and sales.

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