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Jenoptik expands road safety project in Uzbekistan

Jenoptik, a leading manufacturer of smart mobility solutions, is pleased to announce the expansion of its road safety project in Uzbekistan started in 2018.

Together with its partner Atlas International, Jenoptik already delivered a mixture of more than 200 mobile and stationary speed enforcement systems to the Uzbekistan Ministry of Interior along with accompanying project consultation and a full range of trainings to improve service and maintenance efficiencies.

Following the successful implementation of intelligent road safety systems, the Uzbek Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Information and Communication has now ordered additional 150 systems with a value in the mid-single digit million Euro range. The new contract has also been extended with “smart city” components, covering new types of violations such as illegal turns and lane changes.

“We are pleased to build upon a successful partnership and to be able to assist our customers in getting closer to Vision Zero by delivering additional systems and services that help reduce road fatalities and improve road infrastructure,” says Tobias Deubel, Vice President Global Sales at Jenoptik’s Smart Mobility Solutions division.

About Jenoptik and its Smart Mobility Solutions division

Optical technologies are the core our business: Jenoptik is a globally operating technology group and is active in the two photonics-based divisions: Advanced Photonic Solutions and Smart Mobility Solutions. Our key target markets primarily include the semiconductor equipment industry, medical technology, automotive and mechanical engineering as well as traffic.

Jenoptik’s Smart Mobility Solutions division provides photonics-based, innovative and sustainable solutions, including technology and services for Road Safety, Public Security and Road User Charging. Our customers include local and governmental authorities, police and enforcement agencies, as well as public and private organizations.

As pioneers of sensor-based road safety cameras and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR/ALPR), Traffic Law Enforcement and ANPR technology is at the core of our product portfolio. Our solutions cover a wide range of stationary and mobile applications such as vehicle monitoring and classification, average and spot speed, red-light enforcement including additional features, civil security, as well as road user charging and emission control, using video analytics and artificial intelligence.

As an end-to-end solution provider, we support our customers with the provision of roadside equipment and software, including integration, installation and maintenance through to full-service operation of our solutions. Our powerful data management solutions turn data into knowledge with automated data processing and real-time analytics. We continue to research and develop new and emerging sensors and solutions, with new platforms optimized for emerging sectors such as Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.

Our strong global presence and installation base is supported by a reliable partner network. With innovation as our driving force, Jenoptik is a world-leading enabler for smart mobility, with intelligent solutions and services constantly evolving to help make roads, journeys, communities and our environment safer around the globe.


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