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Case studies civil security: Identifying, detecting and preventing crime

Case studies: Jenoptik is increasing civil security worldwide through its years of experience, highly advanced technologies and products designed to meet individual needs.

As an expert in digital technologies, Jenoptik has supported companies globally with civil security solutions. Our products are being used in border and police controls and in combating organised crime by the targeted recording and analysis of number plates. We offer attractive complete packages: A combination of VECTOR² cameras with high capture rates and powerful evaluation and analysis tools.

Our ANPR data analysis software, TraffiData, evaluates information in real time and complies with data protection regulations. TraffiData converts data into knowledge and automatically delivers alerts. Police, security agencies and private companies are then able to quickly detect crime. The benefit: Quick responses and good decision-making in the event of a criminal act or organised crime. The data can be used to create convoy reports, analyse movement profiles, or compare the recorded number plates against watch lists.

Automatic number plate recognition around the globe

From Belgium and the United Kingdom to Lithuania – our expertise is in demand worldwide. Jenoptik has completed a multitude of complex projects in many different countries. Our specialists develop, build and supply products that meet your requirements.

Jenoptik has many years of experience, with pioneering products and expert knowledge to make it a strong partner. With more than 1,200 installed systems and 8,000 ANPR cameras worldwide, Jenoptik’s ANPR solutions are working day in and day out, delivering reliable results.

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Overview of our case studies

Engie Fabricom – Belgium

Case study Engie Fabricom: Increasing civil security in Belgium

Project in Belgium

Project fact file in Belgium

  • Customer: Engie Fabricom
  • Objective: Increased security and mobility in Ghent and Antwerp
  • Task: Continuous automatic number plate recognition and efficient data evaluation
  • Project period: From 2014

The Belgian company Engie Fabricom is using ANPR cameras from Jenoptik to increase security in Ghent and Antwerp.

The two major cities of Ghent and Antwerp in Belgium have particularly high traffic volumes making civil security vital here. Antwerp, Europe's second largest port, is also tasked with registering vehicles arriving by ferry or transporting cargo by ship.

Jenoptik's ANPR technology system enables the number plates of moving traffic to be recorded using a network of powerful cameras and precision analysis software.

Project implementation in Belgium

Jenoptik built and configured many VECTOR² ANPR cameras for the Belgian company Engie Fabricom: 38 in Ghent, 70 in Antwerp and 54 in the port of Antwerp. Two high-resolution camera modules with integrated infrared illumination guarantee high capture rates delivering high-quality images even on completely dark roads. Personnel are then able to efficiently evaluate recorded data and, for example, identify in real time vehicles arriving or departing from a location.

Engie Fabricom: Jenoptik as a strong partner

Jenoptik has acquired years of experience and in-depth expertise from working on a multitude of international projects. More than 1,200 installed systems and 8,000 ANPR cameras worldwide are providing high-resolution results. Our equipment is quick to integrate into existing networks and easy to operate. Maintenance is simple, and inexpensive operation means you save on costs.

Merseyside Police – United Kingdom

Case study in Merseyside (UK): Effectively increasing civil security

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Project fact file in Merseyside (UK)

  • Customer: Merseyside Police
  • Objective: Increased civil security throughout the district
  • Task: To implement a comprehensive network of ANPR cameras within a challenging time frame
  • Project period: Delivery within 11 months, thereafter 5 years maintenance and support

Joint project with Merseyside Police: Automatic capturing of number plates, precision evaluation of data and crime prevention.

Merseyside Police are based in England’s north-west. It is the police force responsible for civil security in an area with almost 1.5 million residents covering 645 km² and divided into five different command units.

Three aspects are decisive for successful local policing: First, a complete solution for automatic number plate recognition, second, effective analysis of data and third, fast sharing of information between individual teams.

Project implementation in Merseyside (UK)

Jenoptik built, installed and configured a network of 170 high-resolution VECTOR² cameras for Merseyside Police. Our civil security specialists delivered the project within eleven months. Jenoptik is supporting Merseyside Police for another five years, regularly maintaining the camera systems and providing professional service and support. Police personnel can now detect suspect vehicles in real time and effectively combat organised crime.

Merseyside Police: Jenoptik as a strong partner

Jenoptik develops, builds and installs ANPR systems worldwide to precisely meet user needs. Our years of experience and unique expertise enable us to deliver projects quickly and efficiently. VECTOR² cameras have high capture rates, providing quality images in high-resolution.

Metropolitan Police – United Kingdom

Civil security network: Jenoptik supports the Metropolitan Police Service

Metropolitan Police project

Greater London district (UK): Project fact file

  • Customer: Metropolitan Police Service
  • Objective: Increased civil security in the Greater London district
  • Task: To manage data input from thousands of ANPR cameras, and to supply hundreds of VECTOR² ANPR cameras, including those used for average speed
  • Project period: 12 months

Jenoptik’s ANPR systems are helping the Metropolitan Police in Greater London to deploy their resources effectively, and to identify crime quickly.

Quickly identifying, preventing and investigating crime to increase civil security are tasks for the Metropolitan Police who are responsible for the Greater London area. To effectively police it requires a network of ANPR cameras and software enabling fast, reliable and effective data storage and evaluation, to locate and track suspect vehicles in real time to help prevent crime.

Project implementation in the Greater London district (UK)

Thanks to Jenoptik, the Metropolitan Police in the UK now has access to data from thousands of ANPR cameras in real time. The system can process in excess of ten million number plates per day, effectively increasing civil security.

Metropolitan Police Service: Jenoptik as a strong partner

VECTOR² cameras from Jenoptik have high capture rates, high-resolution image quality and analyse data in real time. Suspect vehicles can then be reliably identified and movement patterns promptly detected. In the UK alone, our experts have already installed more than 3,000 devices. Customers’ benefit from Jenoptik’s experience, gained from working on international projects over many years.

Surrey and Sussex Police – United Kingdom

Protection against crime: Case study in Surrey and Sussex

Project in Surrey and Sussex

Surrey and Sussex (UK): Project fact file

  • Customer: Surrey and Sussex Police
  • Objective: Improve civil security in both counties
  • Task: Recording cross-county ANPR data in real time
  • Project period: Four years

Jenoptik's automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems are helping Surrey and Sussex Police to detect crimes early and quickly.

Surrey and Sussex are neighbouring counties in the south of England. Police provide cross-county civil security. Jenoptik's VECTOR² ANPR cameras record number plates and send the information to a back-office connected to police systems (Police BOF). Police personnel can then identify suspect vehicles in real time and act immediately in serious situations with the objective of detecting and preventing crime.

Project implementation in Surrey and Sussex (UK)

Jenoptik built and supplied more than 300 VECTOR² cameras to Surrey and Sussex Police, installing some onto existing infrastructure such as street and traffic lights. The cameras are configured to enable police to access and evaluate recorded ANPR data in real time, to identify vehicles involved in a crime or suspicious activity. Police units are also able to identify vehicles in the vicinity of crimes occurring at different times in different locations.

Jenoptik implemented the entire project for Surrey and Sussex Police, from building the cameras to configuring and regularly servicing them, with the customer benefitting from project delivery from a single source.

Surrey and Sussex Police: Jenoptik as a strong partner

Reliable, experienced and competent: Jenoptik's experts provide support from project start to project completion. High-resolution VECTOR² cameras enable analysis of recorded data in real time and the identification of suspect vehicles. Instant action can then be taken to prevent crime.

Warwickshire and West Mercia Police – United Kingdom

Case study in central England: Reliable service from Jenoptik

Project for Warwickshire and West Mercia Police

Warwickshire and West Mercia (UK): Project fact file

  • Customer: Warwickshire and West Mercia Police
  • Objective: Increased civil security in central England
  • Task: Provide an ANPR solution and secure data centre
  • Project period: Maintenance and support over four years. Jenoptik hosts a TraffiData back-office in a data centre and delivers data as a service provider

Robust ANPR cameras and a secure data centre from Jenoptik are helping Warwickshire and West Mercia Police to be a strong alliance.

Warwickshire and West Mercia Police are based in central England’s west and are responsible for an area in which more than 1.7 million people live. By using automatic number plate recognition in combination with a secure data centre, the police are able to instantly identify suspect vehicles and analyse their movements in real time, enabling good decisions to be made quickly and crimes to be solved.

Project implementation in Warwickshire and West Mercia (UK)

More than 250 VECTOR² cameras from Jenoptik are supporting the Warwickshire and West Mercia Police joint project. Recorded number plates are transmitted to a backoffice hosted by Jenoptik in a secure data centre. The data is processed in accordance with European data protection standards. Local police units have access to the data at all times. They can then identify suspicious vehicle activity over several days, or identify vehicles positioned near to criminal activity that is occurring at different times in different locations. Our experts can integrate new VECTOR cameras or data feeds, quickly and easily, should they be required.

Warwickshire and West Mercia Police: Jenoptik as a strong partner

Robust, reliable and high-resolution: VECTOR² cameras from Jenoptik are easy to integrate into existing systems, and recorded ANPR data is analysed in real time within a powerful data centre. Project set-up is flexible and new cameras or other data feeds can be integrated at any time. Our experts have years of experience in international projects and in-depth expertise. They are happy to advise you on all aspects of ANPR technology.

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