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Combat organized crime with ANPR cameras

Record and evaluate ANPR data in real time by using VECTOR² cameras, TraffiData analysis software and TraffiMobile cameras for combating organized crime.

Jenoptik's advanced technologies, products and services help police and security agencies combat organized crime and terrorism. Our experts have years of experience in international projects and will advise you competently on how to effectively increase civil security. Automatic number plate recognition helps to combat organized crime especially at high-risk locations such as connecting roads, city centres, airports and public buildings.

Portable and stationary ANPR cameras and analysis software provide continuous traffic surveillance. VECTOR² cameras are compact, robust and powerful, and can be installed on traffic lights, lighting columns or any other existing masts. Recorded ANPR data is transmitted in real time then processed in a secure data centre. TraffiData analysis software is then used to evaluate the data for comparison against watch lists, instantly alerting the police and security authorities when a suspect vehicle is identified.

TraffiMobile enables local teams to record number plates anywhere and at any time. ANPR cameras can also be used for mobile applications, e.g. inside vehicles. Roads can then be monitored where the installation of stationary cameras is impossible or undesirable. Combinations of stationary, portable and mobile traffic surveillance along with professional big data management enable civil security to be increased at local, regional and national levels.


  • Versatile and safe: Continuous surveillance is assured by using combinations of stationary, portable and mobile ANPR cameras and professional big data management.
  • High resolution: VECTOR² cameras and TraffiMobile always deliver clear images.
  • Effective: TraffiData analysis software evaluates large amounts of ANPR data quickly and systematically.
  • Automatic: Police and security authorities are alerted instantly when a suspect vehicle is identified.
  • Customised: Jenoptik's experts customise products and services to meet the precise needs of customers.


  • Civil security: Police and security authorities can use Jenoptik’s ANPR solutions to automatically record number plates and analyse the data in real time thereby combating organized crime.

Combating organized crime: Product overview

Products to combat organized crime

VECTOR² automatic number plate recognition camera

Effective combating of organized crime using VECTOR² ANPR cameras

VECTOR² cameras automatically record number plates and restrict the opportunities for organized crime.

Automatic number plate recognition is already increasing civil security in many countries with police and security authorities using networked VECTOR² cameras from Jenoptik.

VECTOR² cameras monitor strategic and high-risk locations such as connecting roads, city centres, airports and public buildings. When a vehicle passes a camera, the number plate is recorded and compared against watch lists. VECTOR² cameras function independently of each other and transmit the ANPR data to a data centre for analysis. ANPR data is processed in real time, alerting police and security officers when a suspect vehicle approaches, enabling them to react quickly and effectively to combat organized crime.

Benefits of VECTOR²

  • Effective: ANPR enables police and security authorities to detect and combat criminal activity early on.
  • Compact: The equipment is low weight and integrated into a single unit that can be installed on existing traffic lights, sign posts, gantries or bridges.
  • Powerful: VECTOR² cameras reliably record number plates even under difficult weather and lighting conditions.
  • Competent: Jenoptik experts are highly experienced in ANPR technology.

Applications of VECTOR²

  • Civil security: VECTOR² cameras are enabling police and security authorities to quickly detect suspect vehicles.

TraffiData analysis software

Big data management: Combating organized crime using TraffiData

Jenoptik’s TraffiData analysis software processes huge amounts of ANPR data in real time and automatically alerts police and security authorities.

Specially designed TraffiData analysis software reliably evaluates millions of recorded numbers plates every day. An algorithm compares the ANPR data against watch lists in real time and automatically alerts police and security authorities to suspect vehicles. Crimes can then be detected early on, with quick responses to increase civil security.

Number plates can be recorded by individual or multiple networked VECTOR² cameras, with recorded number plates being processed in a data centre. TraffiData can use filters to identify movement patterns and to reconstruct routes and links to other vehicles.

ANPR data that fails to return hits when compared against watch lists is either deleted immediately or after a specified time period, complying with legal requirements and functions according to data protection regulations.

Advanced and secure big data management is the basis for effectively combating organized crime.

Benefits of TraffiData

  • Automatic: Filters ensure that data is compared against watch lists, and suspect vehicles are reported.
  • Secure: TraffiData is specially designed to process large amounts of data securely and in real time.
  • Data protection compliant: TraffiData complies with legal requirements.
  • Flexible: TraffiData allows the user to reconstruct the patterns of behaviour and journeys of suspect vehicles.
  • Efficient: An advanced algorithm saves costs, time and resources.

Applications of TraffiData

  • Civil security: TraffiData analysis software evaluates large amounts of data, assisting police and security authorities to combat organized crime.

TraffiMobile automatic number plate recognition

TraffiMobile: Number plate recognition cameras for mobile organized crime prevention

TraffiMobile cameras from Jenoptik can be installed in vehicles to enable full coverage organized crime prevention.

TraffiMobile is a practical addition to your network of stationary VECTOR² cameras. It is both mobile and portable and can be installed as a concealed system in vehicles. Automatic number plate recognition is then possible anywhere and at any time, for temporary monitoring or along road sections unsuitable for stationary traffic enforcement systems, providing flexibility and keeping costs down.

Mobile number plate recognition cameras deliver high-resolution, clear images under difficult conditions such as from a moving vehicle. Data from TraffiMobile can be processed by the TraffiData analysis software via an easy to use interface.

Pre-configured watch lists and filters enable the detection and reporting of suspect vehicles. TraffiMobile is an important part of the fight against organized crime and helps to noticeably increase civil security.

Benefits of TraffiMobile

  • Flexible: TraffiMobile is suitable for both mobile and portable use, e.g. in vehicles.
  • Saves on resources: Mobile crime prevention saves on cost, time and personnel.
  • User friendly: An easy to use interface.
  • Effective: TraffiMobile captures number plates any time and anywhere, wherever data is needed.

Applications of TraffiMobile

  • Civil security: TraffiMobile provides complete organized crime prevention.

Increase public safety by using intelligent solutions from Jenoptik


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