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CoastalOpt® Projection Objective Lenses: Unique Projects for the Entertainment Industry

Jenoptik designs and produces customized 2D and 3D projection objective lenses for attractions in the biggest theme parks in the world.

Projection lens for entertainment industry
From digital customer desktops to the largest stage and movie theater projector in the world — we develop projection objective lenses for a wide range of systems. You can use the innovative wide-angle and high-aperture objective lenses for cupolas, 3D movie theaters or simulators, for example.

Since 1998, our CoastalOpt® projection objective lenses have been used in the production of world-famous shows such as "Fantasmic Florida", "Animal Kingdom's Tree of Life" and "Aladdin." Each year, we develop our objective lenses further so that you can implement new, unique attractions.

Jenoptik's customers not only include the famous Walt Disney World Resort, but also leisure parks across the globe. For example, we execute projects in the USA, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, Japan and China. Our experts will be happy to develop unique projection objective lenses for your shows or 3D productions.


  • International: Used in theme parks around the world
  • Customized: Individually developed to meet your requirements
  • Versatile: We produce objective lenses for a range of applications, from digital customer desktops through to movie theater projectors

Fields of Application

  • Entertainment industry: Wide-angle objective lenses for 3D movie theaters and simulators

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